Psalm 66       T.S.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre


   1  Ye men on earth, in God rejoice,
         with praise set forth his Name:
      Exalt his might with heart and voice, 
         give glory to the same.
   2  How wonderful, O Lord, say ye,
         in all thy works thou art !
      Thy foes for fear shall seek to thee,
         full sore against their heart.
   3  All men that dwell the earth throughout 
         shall praise the Name of God.
      The laud whereof the world about
         is showed and set abroad.
   4  All folk come forth, behold and see
         what things the Lord hath wrought;
      Mark well the wondrous works that he
         for men to pass hath brought. 
   5  He laid the sea like heaps on high,
         therein a way they had
      On foot to pass, both fair and dry,
         whereof their hearts were glad.
   6  His might doth rule the world alway,
         his eyes all things behold;
      And such as will him disobey,
         by him shall be controlled.
   7  Ye people, give unto our God
         due laud and thanks always;
      With joyful voice declare abroad,
         and sing unto his praise.
   8  Who doth endue our soul with life,
         and it preserve withal;
      He stays our feet, so that no strife
         can make us slip or fall.
   9  The Lord doth prove our deeds with fire,
         whether they will abide,
      As workmen do when they desire
         to have their metals tried.
  10  Although thou dost us suffer long
         in prison to be cast,
      And there with chains and fetters strong
         to lie in bondage fast;
   The Second Part.
  11  Although, I say, thou suffer men
         on us to ride and reign;
      Though we through fire and water run
         with very grief and pain;
  12  Yet sure thou dost of thy good grace
         dispose it to the best,
      Bringing us out into a place
         to live in wealth and rest.
  13  Unto thy house resort will I
         to offer and to pray;
      And there I will myself apply
         my vows to thee to pay:
  14  The vows that with my mouth I spake
         in all my grief and smart,
      The vows, I say, which I did make
         in anguish of my heart.
  15  Burnt off'rings I will give to thee
         of oxen fat, and rams,
      Yea, this my sacrifice shall be
         Of bullocks, goats, and lambs.
  16  Come forth and hearken here full soon,
         all ye that fear the Lord;
      What he for my poor soul hath done
         to you I will record.
  17  Full oft I call to mind his grace,
         his mouth to him doth cry;
      And thou, my tongue, make speedy pace
         to praise him joyfully.
  18  But if I feel my heart within
         in wicked works rejoice,
      Or if I have delight in sin,
         God will not hear my voice.
  19  But surely God my voice hath heard,
         and what I do require;
      My prayer also he doth regard,
         and granteth my desire.
  20  All praise to him that hath not put
         nor cast me out of mind,
      Nor yet his mercy from me shut,
         which I do ever find.

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