Psalm 68       T.S.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre


   1  Let God arise, and then his foes
         will turn themselves to flight;
      His enemies for fear shall run,
         and scatter out of sight.
   2  And as wax melts before the fire,
         and wind blows smoke away,
      So in the presence of the Lord
         the wicked shall decay.
   3  But righteous men before the Lord
         shall heartily rejoice;
      They shall be glad and merry all,
         and cheerful in their voice.
   4  Sing praise, sing praise unto the Lord,
         who rideth on the sky:
      Extol the great Jehovah's Name,
         and him still magnify.
   5  The same is he that is above
         within his holy place,
      That Father is of fatherless,
         and Judge of widows' case.
   6  Houses and issue both he gives
         unto the comfortless,
      He bringeth bondmen out of thrall,
         and rebels to distress.
   7  When thou didst march before thy folk 
         th' Egyptians from among,
      And brought'st them thro' the wilderness, 
         which was both wide and long,
   8  The earth did shake, the heav'ns did drop, 
         great thunder-claps were heard,
      Mount Sinai also movèd was,
         when Israel's God appeared.
   9  Thy heritage with drops of rain
         abundantly was washed;
      And if so be it barren was,
         by thee it was refreshed.
  10  Thy chosen flock doth there remain,
         thou hast prepared that place;
      And for the poor thou dost provide
         of thy especial grace.
   The Second part.
  11  God will give women causes just
         to magnify his Name,
      When as his people triumphs make,
         and purchase mighty fame.
  12  Puissant kings, for all their pow'r,
         shall flee and take the foil,
      And women which remain at home
         shall help to part the spoil.
  13  And though ye were as black as pots,
         your hue shall pass the dove,
      Whose wings and feathers seem to have
         silver and gold above.
  14  When in this land God shall triumph
         o'er kings both high and low,
      Then shall it be like Salmon hill,
         as white as is the snow.
  15  Though Basan he a fruitful hill,
         and in height others pass,
      Yet Zion, God's most holy hill,
         doth far excel in grace.
  16  Why leap ye thus, ye hills most high,
         and thus in pride do swell?
      The hill of Zion God doth love,
         And there will ever dwell.
  17  God's army twenty thousand is
         of angels great and strong;
      The Lord also in Sinai
         is present them among.
  18  Thou didst, O Lord, ascend on high,
         and captive led'st them all,
      Who in times past thy chosen flock
         in bondage did enthrall.
  19  Thou hast receivèd gifts for men,
         e'en for thine enemies,
      Unto the end that God the Lord
         might dwell with them likewise,
  20  Now praisèd be the Lord, for that
         he pours on us such grace;
      From day to day he is the God
         both of our health and peace.
   The Third Part.
  21  He is the God from whom alone
         salvation we obtain,
      He is the God by whom we 'scape
         all dangers, death, and pain:
  22  And he shall wound the head of all
         his enemies, also
      The hairy scalp of such as on
         in wickedness still go.
  23  From Basan will I bring, said he,
         my people and my sheep,
      And all my own, as I have done,
         from dangers of the deep;
  24  And make them dip their feet in blood
         of those that hate my Name;
       The tongues of dogs they shall be red
          with licking of the same.
  25  Thy goings they have seen, O God,
         unto their own disgrace,
      How thou, my God and King, dost go
         within thy holy place:
  26  The singers go before with joy,
         the minstrels make no stay,
      And in the midst the damsels do
         with timbrels sweetly play.
  27  Now in the congregations thou,
         O Israel, praise the Lord,
      And Jacob's whole posterity,
         give thanks with one accord:
  28  The chief was little Benjamin,
         but Judah made their host,
      With Zebulon and Nephthalim,
         who dwelt about their coast,
  29  Thy God hath sent forth strength for thee, 
         O God, make firm and sure
      The thing that thou bast wrought in us
         for ever to endure:
  30  Then in thy temple gifts will we
         offer to thee, O Lord,
      And in thy own Jerusalem
         praise thee with one accord.
   The Fourth Part.

  31  Yea, and strange kings, by us subdued, 
         shall do like in those days;
      For unto thee they shall present
         their gifts of laud and praise,
  32  He shall destroy the spearmen's ranks,
         the calves and bulls of might,
      And make them tribute pay, and daunt
         all such as love to fight.
  33  Then shall the lords of Egypt come,
         and presents with them bring;
      The Moors also stretch out their hands
         to God, their Lord and King.
  34  Therefore, ye kingdoms of the earth,
         give praise unto the Lord;
      Sing psalms to God with one consent,
         thereto let all accord,
  35  For he doth ride and ever did
         above the heav'ns most bright,
      And by his fearful thunder-claps
         men may well know his might,
  36  Therefore the strength of Israel
         ascribe to God on high,
      Whose might and pow'r doth far extend
         above the cloudy sky.
  37  O God, thy holiness and pow'r
         is dread for evermore;
      The God of Israel gives us strength,
         therefore his Name adore.

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