Psalm 69         J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  Save me, O God, and that with speed. 
         because the waters do
      So very nigh my soul proceed,
         and enter thereinto:
   2  I sink full deep in mire and clay,
         where I can feel no ground,
      And in deep waters, where I may
         most suddenly be drowned.
   3  With crying I am weary, 1o,
         my throat is hoarse and dry,
      My sight doth fail, looking also
         for help to God on high,
   4  My foes that guiltless do oppress
         my soul, with hate are led;
      In number sure they are no less
         than hairs upon my head.
   5  Though for no cause they vex me sore,
         they prosper and are glad;
      they do compel me to restore
         the things I never had.
   6  What I through my simplicity
         have done, Lord, thou canst tell;
      And all my faults in privacy
         to thee are known full well.
   7  O God of hosts, defend and stay
         all those that trust in thee;
      Let no man doubt or shrink away
         for ought that chanceth me.
   8  It is for thee and for thy sake
         that I do bear this blame;
      In spite to thee they would me make
         to hide my face for shame.
   9  My mother's sons, my brethren all,
         reject me with disgrace,
      And as a stranger they me call,
         they will not know my face.
  10  Unto thy house such zeal I bear,
         that it doth vex me much,
      Their checks and taunts at thee to hear
         my very heart doth touch.
   The Second Part.
  11  Though I do fast my flesh to tame,
         yea, if I weep and moan;
      I am reproach-ed for the same
          by scorners ev'ry one.
  12  If I for grief and pain of heart
         in sackcloth use to walk,
      Reproachfully they it pervert,
         thereof they jest and talk.
  13  Both high and low, and all the throng
         that sit within the gate,
      They have me ever in their tongue,
         of me they talk and prate,
  14  They that sit in the gate with spite
         against me all agree,
      The drunkards that in wine delight
         do make their songs of me.
  15  But unto thee, O Lord, I pray,
         that when it pleaseth thee,
      For thy great truth thou wilt alway
         send down thy aid to me.
  16  Pluck thou my feet out of the mire,
         from drowning do me keep,
      From such as owe me wrath and ire,
         and from the waters deep.
  17  Lest with the waves I should be drowned,
         and depth my soul devour;
      And lest the pit should me confound,
         and shut me in her pow'r.
  18  O Lord of hosts, to me give ear,
         as thou art good and kind:
      And as thy mercy is most dear,
         Lord, have me in thy mind.
  19  And do not from thy servant hide,
         nor turn thy face away;
      I am oppressed on every side,
         in haste give ear, I pray.
  20  O Lord, unto my soul draw nigh,
         the same with aid repose;
      Because of their great tyranny
         acquit me from my foes.
   The Third Part.
  21  That I abide rebuke and shame
         thou know'st, and thou canst tell;
      For those that seek and work the same 
         thou seest them all full well.
  22  When with reproach they break my heart, 
         some help I fain would see,
      But find no friends to ease my smart,
         nor one to comfort me:
  23  But in my meat they gave me gall,
         (too cruel for to think,)
      And gave me in my thirst withal
         strong vinegar to drink.
  24  Lord, turn their table to a snare,
         to take themselves therein,
      And when they think full well to fare,
         then trap them in their gin.
  25  And let their eyes be dark and blind,
         that they may nothing see;
      Bow down their backs, and let them find
         themselves in thrall to be.
  26  Pour out thy wrath as hot as fire,
         that it on them may fall;
      Let thy displeasure in thine ire
         take hold upon them all.
  27  As deserts dry their house disgrace,
         their seed do thou expel,
      That none thereof possess their place,
         nor in their tents once dwell.
  28  If thou dost strike a man to tame,
         on him they lay full sore;
      And if that thou dost wound the same,
         they seek to hurt him more.
  29  Then let them heap up mischief still,
         since they are all pervert,
      That of thy favor and good-will
         they never have a part.
  30  And 'rase them clean out of thy book
         of life, of hope, and trust,
      That for their names they never look
         in number of the just.
   The Fourth Part.
  31  Though I, O Lord, with pain and grief 
         have been full sore oppressed,
      Thy help shall give me such relief
         that all shall be redressed;
  32  That I may give thy Name the praise
         that doth to thee belong,
      I will extol the same always
         with a thanksgiving song;
  33  Which is more pleasant unto thee,
         (such mind thy grace hath borne,)
      Than either ox or calf can be,
         that hath both hoof and horn.
  34  When simple folk do this behold,
         it shall rejoice them sure;
      And ye that seek the Lord, your life
         for ever shall endure.
  35  For why? the Lord of hosts doth hear
         the poor when they complain;
      His pris'ners are to him full dear,
         lie doth them not disdain.
  36  Wherefore the sky and earth below,
         the sea with flood and stream,
      His praises shall declare and show,
         with all that live in them.
  37  For sure our God will Zion save,
         and Judah's cities build;
      Much folk possession there shall have,
         her streets shall all be filled.
  38  His servants' seed shall keep the same
         all ages out of mind,
      And there all they that love his Name
         a dwelling place shall find.

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