Psalm 72         J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

   1  Lord, give thy judgments to the king, 
         therein instruct him well;
      And with his son in ev'ry thing,
         Lord, let thy justice dwell:
   2  That he may govern uprightly,
         and rule thy folk with right; 
      And so defend with equity
         the poor that have no might.
   3  And let the mountains that are high
         unto thy folk give peace;
      Let little hills also apply
         in justice to increase:
   4  That he may help the weak and poor
         with aid, and make them strong;
      And so destroy for evermore
         all those that do them wrong.
   5  And then from age to age shall they
         regard and fear thy might,
      So long as sun doth shine by day,
         or moon give light by night.
   6  Lord, make the king unto the just
         like rain to fields new mown,
      And like to drops that lay the dust,
         refreshing land new sown.
   7  The just shall flourish in his days,
         and all shall be at peace,
      Until the moon shall cease always
         To change, waste, or increase.
   8  He shall be Lord, and have command
         from shore to shore throughout,
      And from the floods within the land
         through all the earth about.
   9  The people that in deserts dwell
         Shall kneel to him full thick;
      And all his foes that do rebel
         the earth and dust shall lick.
  10  The lords of all the isles also
         great gifts to him shall bring,
      Arabia and Saba's kings
         give many a costly thing.
   The Second Part.
  11  All kings shall seek with one accord
         in his good grace to stand,
      And all the people of the world
         obey at his command:
  12  For he the needy sort doth save
         that unto him do call, 
      Also the simple folk that have
         no help of man at all.
  13  He taketh pity on the poor
         that are with need oppressed,
      He doth preserve them evermore,
         and bring their souls to rest.
  14  He shall redeem their souls from dread,
         from fraud, from wrong, and might;
      Also their blood that shall be shed,
         is precious in his sight.
  15  But he shall live, and they shall bring
         to him of Saba's gold;
      He shall be honored as a king,
         and daily be extolled.
  16  The mighty mountains of his land
         of corn shall bear such throng,
      That it like cedar-trees shall stand
         in Libanus** full long.
  17  Their cities also well shall speed,
         the fruits thereof surpass;
      In plenty it shall so exceed,
         and spring as green as grass.
  18  For ever they shall praise his Name,
         while that the sun is light;
      And think them happy through the same:
         all folk shall bless his might.
  19  Praise ye the Lord of hosts, and sing
         to Israel's God each one;
      For he doth ev'ry wondrous thing,
         yea, he himself alone:
  20  And blessed be his holy Name
         all times eternally;
      Let all the earth still praise the same,
         Amen, Amen, say I,
**(Note: this is how it is spelled in our copy)

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