Psalm 75         J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

  1  To thee, O God, will we give thanks,
        we will give thanks to thee,
     Since thy Name is so near, declare
        thy wondrous works will we.

  2  I will uprightly judge, when get
        convenient time I may:
     The earth is weak, and all therein,
        but I her pillars stay.

  3  I did to the mad people say,
        Deal not so furiously;
     And unto the ungodly ones,
        Lift not your horns on high:

  4  I said unto them, Set not up
        your rais-ed horns on high,
     And see that with stiff neck ye do
        not speak presumptuously:

  5  For neither from the eastern parts,
        nor from the west likewise,
     Nor from forsaken wilderness,
        promotion doth arise:

  6  But God, who rules both heav'n and earth, 
        the righteous Judge alone,
     'Tis he that puts down one, and sets
        another on the throne.

  7  For why? a cup of mighty wine
        is in the hand of God,
     And all the mixture of the same
        himself will pour abroad:

  8  As for the lees and filthy dregs
        that do remain of it,
     The wicked of the earth shall drink
        and suck them ev'ry whit.

  9  But I will talk of God alway,
        and his great Name adore,
     And will not cease to celebrate
        his praise for evermore.

 10  In sunder break the horns of all
        ungodly men will I;
     And then the horns of righteous men
        shall be exalted high.

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