Psalm 77         J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

  1  I with my voice to God did cry,
        who lent a gracious ear;
     My voice I lifted up on high,
        and he my suit did hear.

  2  In time of grief I sought to God,
        by night no rest I took;
     But stretched my hand to him abroad,
        my soul comfort forsook.

  3  When I to think on God intend,
        my trouble then is more;
     I spake, but could not make an end,
        my breath was stopped so sore.

  4  Thou dost my eyes so hold from rest,
        that I'm always awake;
     With fear I am so sore oppressed,
        my sleep doth me forsake.

  5  The days of old in mind I cast,
        and oft do think upon
     The times and ages that are past,
        full many years agone.

  6  By night my songs I call to mind,
        once made thy praise to show;
     And with my heart much talk I find,
        my spirits search to know.

  7  Will God, said I, at once for all
        cast off his people thus,
     So that henceforth no time he shall
        be friendly unto us?

  8  What, is his goodness quite decayed,
        and pass-ed clean away?
     Or is his promise now delayed,
        and doth his truth decay?

  9  And will the Lord our God forget
        his mercies manifold?
     Or shall his wrath increase so hot,
        his mercies to withhold?

 10  At last, I said, this surely is
        mine own infirmity;
     But his right hand can help all this,
        and change it speedily.

   The Second Part.

 11  I will regard and think upon
        the working of the Lord,
     And all his wonders past and gone
        I gladly will record.

 12  Yea, all his works I will declare,
        and what he did devise;
     To tell his facts I will not spare,
        and all his counsel wise.

 13  Thy works, O Lord, are all upright,
        and holy all abroad;
     What one hath strength to match the might 
        of thee, the Lord our God?

 14  Thou art a God that dost forth show
        thy wonders ev'ry hour;
     And so dost make the people know
        thy virtue and thy power.

 15  And thy own folk thou dost defend
        with an outstretch-ed arm,
     Those that from Jacob did descend,
        and Joseph's seed from harm.

 16  The waters, Lord, perceiv-ed thee,
        the waters saw thee well;
     And they for fear away did flee,
        the depths on trembling fell.

 17  The clouds that were both thick and black,
        did rain full plenteously;
     The thunder in the air did crack,
        thy shafts abroad did fly:

 18  Thy thunder in the air was heard,
        the lightnings from above,
     With flashes great made men afraid,
        the earth did quake and move.

 19  Thy ways within the sea do lie,
        thy paths in waters deep:
     Yet none can there thy steps espy,
        or know thy paths to keep.

 20  Thou led'st thy folk upon the land
        as sheep on ev'ry side;
     By Moses and by Aaron's hand
        thou didst them safely guide.

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