Psalm 79         J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

  1  O God, the Gentiles do invade
        thy heritage to spoil:
     Jerusalem an heap is made,
        thy temple they defile:

  2  The bodies of thy saints most dear
        abroad to birds they cast,
     The flesh of them that do thee fear,
        the beasts devour and waste:

  3  Their blood throughout Jerusalem
        as water spilt they have,
     So that there is not one of them
        to lay their dead in grave.

  4  Thus are we made a laughing-stock
        almost the world throughout,
     The enemies at us do mock
        who dwell our coasts about.

  5  How long, O Lord, wilt thou retain
        thy anger and thy rage?
     And shall thy wrath and jealousy
        not any more assuage?

  6  Upon those people pour the same,
        who did thee never know;
     The realms which call not on thy Name,
        consume and overthrow:

  7  For they have got the upper hand,
        and Jacob's seed destroyed,
     His habitation and his land
        they have laid waste and void.

  8  Bear not in mind our former faults,
        with speed some pity show;
     And aid us, Lord, in our assaults,
        for we are weak and low.

   The Second Part.

  9  O God, that giv'st all health and grace,
        on us declare the same:
     Weigh not our works, our sins efface,
        for honor of thy Name.

 10  Why should the wicked thus alway
        to us as people dumb,
     In thy reproach rejoice, and say,
        Where is their God become?

 11  Requite, O Lord, as thou seest good
        before our eyes in sight,
     Of all these folk; thy servants' blood,
        which they spilt in despite:

 12  Receive into thy sight in haste,
        the clamours, grief, and wrong;
     Of such as are in prison cast,
        and bound in irons strong.

 13  Thy force and strength to celebrate,
        Lord, set them out of band,
     Who unto death are destinate,
        and in their foes' strong hand:

 14  The nations which have been so bold
        as to blaspheme thy Name,
     Into their laps do thou sev'n-fold
        repay again the same.

 15  So we thy flock and pasture sheep
        will praise thee evermore,
     And teach all ages how to keep
        for thee like praise in store.

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