Psalm 85        J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

 1  Thou hast been merciful indeed,
       O Lord, unto thy land;
    For thou restoredst Jacob's seed
       from thraldom by strong hand:

 2  The wicked ways that they were in,
       thou didst them clean remit,
    And thou didst hide thy people's sin,
       full close thou coyer'dst it.

 3  And thou thy anger didst assuage,
       that all thy wrath was gone;
    And so didst turn thee from thy rage,
       with them to be at one.

 4  O God our help, do thou convert
       thy people unto thee;
    Put all thy wrath from us apart,
       and angry cease to be.

 5  Shall thy fierce anger never end,
       but still be poured on us?
    And shall thy wrath itself extend
       unto all ages thus?

 6  Wilt thou not rather turn again,
       and quicken us, that we
    And all thy folk that yet remain
       may glad and joyful be?

 7  O Lord, on us do thou declare
       thy goodness to our wealth;.
    Shew forth to us, and do not spare
       thy aid and saving health.

 8  I'll hear what God the Lord doth say:
       to his he speaketh peace;
    And to his saints, that never they
       return to foolishness.

 9  For why? his help is still at hand
       to such as do him fear,
    Whereby great glory in our land
       shall dwell and flourish there;

10  For truth and mercy there shall meet
       in one to take their place;
    And peace shall justice with kiss greet,
       and there they shall embrace.

11  Truth from the earth shall spring apace,
       and flourish pleasantly;
    So righteousness shall shew her face,
       and look from heav'n most high.

12  Yea, God himself doth take in hand
       to give us each good thing,
    And through the coasts of all the land
       the earth her fruit shall bring.

13  Before his face shall justice go,
       like to a guide or stay;
    He shall direct his steps also,
       and keep them in the way.

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