Psalm 86        J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

 1  Lord, bow thine ear to my request, 
       and hear me speedily:
    For with great pain and grief oppressed, 
       full poor and weak am I:

 2  Preserve my soul, because my ways
       and doings holy be;
    And save thy servant, O my God,
       that puts his trust in thee.

 3  Thy mercy upon me express,
       and me defend alway;
    For through the day, I do not cease
       to thee, O Lord, to pray;

 4  Comfort thy servant's soul, I pray,
       that now with pain is pined;
    For unto thee I do alway
       lift up my soul and mind.

 5  For thou art good and bountiful,
       thy gifts of grace are free;
    Also thy mercy plentiful
       to all that call on thee.

 6  O Lord, likewise when I do pray,
       regard and give an ear;
    Mark well the words that I do say,
       all my petitions hear.

 7  In time when trouble doth me move,
       to thee I do complain;
    For why? I know and well do prove,
       thou answer'st me again.

 8  Among the gods, O Lord, is none
       with thee to be compared;
    And none can do as thou hast done,
       the like has not been heard.

  The Second Part.

 9  The Gentiles and the people all,
       whom thou didst make and frame,
    Before thy face on knees shall fall,
       and glorify thy Name.

10  For why? thou art so much of might, 
       all power is thy own:
    Thou workest wonders still in sight,
       for thou art God alone.

11  O teach me, Lord, thy way, and I
       shall in thy truth proceed;
    O join my heart to thee so nigh,
       that I thy Name may dread.

12  To thee will I give thanks and praise,
       O Lord, with all my heart,
    And glorify thy Name always,
       because my God thou art.

13  For why? thy mercy showed to me
       is great, and doth excel:
    Thou sett'st my soul at liberty
       out from the lowest hell.

14  O Lord, the proud against me rise,
       and heaps of men of might.
    They seek my soul, and in no wise
       will have thee in their sight.

15  Thou, Lord, art merciful and kind,
       and very slow to wrath;
    Thy goodness is full great I find,
       thy truth no measure hath.

16  O turn to me, and mercy show,
       thy strength to me apply;
    O help and save thy servant now,
       thy handmaid's son am I.

17  On me some sign of favor show,
       that all my foes may see,
    And be ashamed, because that thou
       dost help and comfort me.

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