Psalm 90       J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

 1  Lord, hast been our sure defense, 
       our place of ease and rest,
    In all times past, yea, so long since
       as cannot be expressed.

 2  Before was made mountain or hill,
       the earth and world abroad
    From age to age, and always still
       for ever thou art God.

 3  Thou grindest man through grief and pain
       to dust or clay, and then
    Thou unto them dost say again,
       Return, ye sons of men.

 4  The lasting of a thousand years,
       what is it in thy sight?
    As yesterday it doth appear,
       or as a watch by night.

 5  So soon as thou dost scatter them,
       then is their life and trade
    E'en as a sleep, or like the grass,
       whose beauty soon doth fade;

 6  Which in the morning shines full bright,
       but fadeth suddenly,
    And is cut down before the night,
       all withered, dead, and dry.

 7  For through thine anger we consume,
       our might is much decayed,
    And of thy fervent wrath, O Lord,
       we are full sore afraid.

 8  The wicked works that we have wrought,
       thou sett'st before thy eye,
    Our privy faults, yea, all our thoughts
       thy countenance doth spy.

 9  For through thy wrath our days do waste,
       thereof doth nought remain;
    Our years consume as doth a blast,
       and are not called again.

10  The time of our abode on earth
       is threescore years and ten;
    But if we come to fourscore years,
       our life is grievous then.

          The Second Part.

11  For of this time the strength and chief 
       we dote so much upon,
    Is nothing else but pain and grief,
       and we as blasts are gone.

12  What man doth know what power and 
       what might thy anger hath?
    Or in his heart who doth thee fear
       according to thy wrath?

13  Instruct us, Lord, to know and try
       how long our days remain;
    That so we may our hearts apply
       true wisdom to attain.

14  Return, O Lord, how long wilt thou
       in thy great wrath proceed?
    Show favor to thy servants now,
       and help them at their need.

15  Refresh us with thy mercy soon,
       then shall we joyful be;
    All times so long as life doth last
       in heart rejoice will we.

16  As thou hast plagued us before,
       now also make us glad,
    And for the years wherein full sore
       affliction we have had.

17  O let thy work and pow'r appear,
       and on thy servants light,
    And show unto thy children dear
       thy glory and thy might.

18  Lord, let thy grace and glory stand
       on us thy servants thus;
    Confirm the works we take in hand,
       and prosper them to us.

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