Psalm 92       J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

 1  It is a thing both good and meet
       to praise the highest Lord,
    And to thy Name, O thou most High,
       to sing with one accord:

 2  To shew the kindness of the Lord,
       before the day be light,
    And to declare his truth abroad,
       when it doth draw to night;

 3  On a ten-string-ed instrument,
       on lute and harp so sweet,
    With all the mirth you can invent
       of instruments most meet.

 4  For thou hast made me to rejoice
       in things so wrought by thee,
    That I have joy in heart and voice
       thy handy works to see.

 5  O Lord, how glorious and how great
       are thy works round about!
    So deeply are thy counsels set,
       that none can find them out:

 6  The man unwise cannot tell how
       this work to pass to bring,
    And fools also are most unfit
       to understand this thing.

 7  When as the wicked at their will,
       like grass do spring full fast;
    And when they flourish in their ill,
       they suddenly shall waste.

 8  But thou art mighty, Lord most high,
       and thou dost reign therefore
    In glory and great majesty,
       both now and evermore.

 9  Behold, O Lord, thine enemies
       shall be destroyed alway,
    And all that work iniquity
       shall perish and decay.

10  But thou, like as an unicorn
       shalt lift mine horn on high;
    With fresh and new-prepared oil
       anointed king am I:

11  And of my foes before my eyes
       shall see the fall and shame,
    Of all that do against me rise,
       my ears shall hear the same.

12  The righteous flourish shall on high,
       as palm-trees bud and blow,
    And as the cedars multiply
       in Libanus that grow.

13  For they are planted in the place
       and dwelling of our God;
    Within his courts they spring apace,
       and flourish all abroad:

14  And in their age much fruit shall bring,
       most pleasant to' be seen,
    And also shall both bud and spring
       with boughs and branches green.

15  To show that God is good and just,
       and upright in his will:
    He is my rock, my hope, and trust,
       in him there is no ill.

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