Psalm 96       J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

 1  Sing ye with praise unto the Lord
       new songs with joy and mirth,
    Sing unto him with one accord,
       all people on the earth.

 2  Yea, sing unto the Lord alway,
       praise ye his holy Name,
    Declare and shew from day to day
       salvation by the same.

 3  Among the heathen all declare
       his honor round about;
    To shew his wonders do not spare
       in all the world throughout.

 4  For why? the Lord is great in might
       and worthy of all praise,
    And he is to be feared of right
       above all gods always.

 5  For all the gods of heathen folk
       are idols that will fade,
    Whereas our God, he is the Lord
       that heav'n and earth hath made.

 6  All praise and honor also dwell
       ever before his face;
    Both pow'r and might likewise excel
       within his holy place.

 7  Ascribe unto the Lord therefore,
       all men with one accord,
    All might and worship evermore
       ascribe unto the Lord:

 8  Ascribe unto the Lord also
       the glory of his Name;
    Into his courts with presents go,
       and offer there the same.

   The Second Part. 

 9  Fall down and worship ye the Lord,
       within his temple bright;
    Let all the people of the world
       be fearful at his sight.

10  Tell all the world, be not afraid,
       the Lord doth reign above,
    Yea, he the earth so fast hath stayed,
       that it can never move:

11  And that it is the Lord alone
       that rules with princely might,
    To judge the nations ev'ry one
       with equity and right.

12  The heav'ns shall joyfully begin,
       the earth likewise rejoice,
    The sea with all that is therein
       shall shout aud make a noise;

13  The fields shall joy, and ev'ry thing
       that springeth on the earth,
    The wood and ev'ry tree shall sing
       with gladness and with mirth.

14  Before the presence of the Lord,
       and coming of his might,
    When he shall come to judge the world,
       and rule his folk with right.

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