Psalm 97       J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

 1  The Lord doth reign, for which the earth 
       may sing with pleasant voice,
    The isles also, with joyful mirth
       may triumph and rejoice.

 2  Both clouds and darkness likewise swell, 
       and round about him beat,
    Yea, right and justice ever dwell
       and 'bide about his seat:

 3  Yea, fire and heat it once do run,
       and go before his face,
    Which all his enemies shall burn
       abroad in ev'ry place.

 4  His lightnings great full bright did blaze, 
       and to the world appear,
    Whereat the earth did look and gaze
       with dread and deadly fear:

 5  The hills like wax did melt in sight
       and presence of the Lord,
    They fled before that Ruler's might,
       who guideth all the world.

 6  The heav'ns likewise declare and show
       his justice forth abroad,
    That all the world may see and know
       the glory of our God.

 7  Confusion sure shall come to such
       as worship idols vain,
    Also to those who glory much
       dumb pictures to maintain:

 8  For all the idols of the world,
       which they their gods do call,
    Shall feel the power of the Lord,
       and down before him fall.

 9  With joy shall Zion hear this thing,
       and Judah shall rejoice;
    For at thy judgements they shall sing
       with a most cheerful voice.

10  For thou, O Lord, art set on high
       in all the earth abroad,
    And art exalted wondrously
       above each other god.

11  All ye that love the Lord in heart,
       hate all things that are ill;
    For he doth keep the souls of his
       from such as would them spill:

12  And light doth spring up to the just,
       with pleasure for his part,
    Gladness and joy likewise to them
       that are of upright heart.

13  Ye righteous, in the Lord rejoice,
       his holiness proclaim,
    And thankfully with heart and voice
       be mindful of the same.

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