Psalm 98       J.H.

Words: Sternhold and Hopkins, The Whole Book of Psalms Collected into English Metre

Common Metre Tunes

 1  O sing ye now unto the Lord
       a new and pleasant song,
    For he hath wrought throughout the world 
       his wonders great and strong:

 2  With his right hand full worthily
       he doth his foes devour,
    And gets himself the victory
       with his own arm and pow'r.

 3  The Lord doth make the people know
       his saving health and might,
    And also doth his justice show
       in all the heathen's sight.

 4  His grace and truth to Israel
       in mind he doth record,
    And all the earth hath seen right well
       the goodness of the Lord.

 5  Be glad in him with joyful voice,
       all people on the earth,
    Give thanks to God, sing and rejoice
       to him with joy and mirth:

 6  Upon the harp unto him sing,
       give thanks to him always,
    Rejoice before the Lord our King,
       with trumpets sound his praise.

 7  Yea, let the sea with all therein
       for joy both roar and swell,
    The earth likewise let it begin,
       with all that therein dwell.

 8  And let the floods rejoice their fills,
       and clap their hands apace:
    Yea, let the mountains and the hills
       triumph before his face.

 9  For he shall come to judge and try
       the world and every wight,
    And rule the people mightily
       with justice and with right.

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