Psalm 116

Words: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed.

Note: There is also a Long Metre version on this page.

Common Metre Tunes

   1  I love the Lord, because my voice
         And prayers he did hear.
      I, while I live, will call on him,
         Who bowed to me his ear.
   2  Of death the cords and sorrows did
         About me compass round;
      The pains of hell took hold on me,
         I grief and trouble found.
   3  Upon the name of God the Lord,
         I then did call, and say,
      Deliver thou my soul, O Lord,
        I do thee humbly pray.
   4  God merciful and righteous is,
         Yea, gracious is our Lord.
      God saves the meek: I was brought low,
         He did me help afford.
   5  O thou my soul, do thou return
         Unto thy quiet rest;
      For, largely, unto thee, the Lord
         His bounty hath expressed.
   6  For my afflicted soul, from death
         Delivered was by thee:
      Thou didst my mourning eyes from tears,
         My feet from falling, free.
   7  I in the land of those that live
         Will walk the Lord before.
      I did believe, and therefore spoke:
         I was afflicted sore.
   8  I said, when I was in my haste,
         That all men liars be.
      What shall I render to the Lord
         For all his gifts to me ?
   9  I'll of salvation take the cup,
         On God's name will I call:
      I'll pay my vows now to the Lord
         Before his people all.
  10  In God's sight dear is his saints' death.
         Thy servant, Lord, am I;
      Thy servant, and thy handmaid's son:
         My bands thou didst untie.
  11  To thee thank-off'rings I will give,
         And on God's name will call.
      I'll pay my vows now to the Lord
         Before his people all;
  12  Within the courts of God's own house,
         Within the midst of thee,
      O city of Jerusalem.
         Praise to the Lord give ye.

Long Metre Tunes

     1  I love the Lord, for he did hear
      My voice and supplications all;
      Because he hath inclined his ear,
      I while I live, will on him call.
   2  Death's sorrows compassed me around,
      The pains of hell shook all my frame,
      I trouble great and sorrow found,
      Then called I on Jehovah's name.
   3  O Lord, I humbly thee entreat,
      From all distress redeem my soul:
      The kindness of the Lord is great,
      Our God is just and merciful.
   4  The simple with his care are blest;
      I was brought low, God rescued me;
      My soul, return thou to thy rest,
      Great love the Lord hath shown to thee.
   5  For thou from death hast saved me, Lord
      And thou hast freed my eyes from tears,
      My feet from falling hast secured.
      With God I'll walk, thro' all my years.
   6  As I believed, so spake I then,
      When great affliction on me pressed;
      "How false, how faithless are all men !"
      Were words I uttered in my baste.
   7  What fit return, Lord, can I make
      For all thy gifts on me bestowed?
      The cup of blessing I will take,
      And call upon the name of God.
   8  Before God's people I'll appear,
      And pay my vows there with delight;
      The death of saints to God is dear,
      Most precious in Jehovah's sight.
   9  O Lord, the high and holy one,
      I am a servant unto thee,
      Thy servant and thy handmaid's son,
      Thou hast from bonds delivered me.
  10  With sacrifice Of thanks I'll go,
      And on Jehovah's name will call;
      Will pay to God the vows I owe,
      In presence of his people all.
  11  Yea, I will pay my vows to God
      In midst of thee, Jerusalem.
      Within the courts of God's abode.
      Praise ye Jehovah, praise his name!

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