Psalm 12

 Words: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed.

There is also a Common Metre version of this Psalm on this page

CPM (Common Proper Metre - 886 886)

   1  Jehovah, help; the godly cease;
      Among the sons of men decrease
         Those who uprightly live.
      With flattering lips all falsehood speak,
      And with a double heart they seek
         Their neighbors to deceive.
   2  The Lord shall flattering lips destroy,
      And tongues that boastful words employ;
         That say with one accord,
      Our tongues shall in our cause be strong~
      Our lips to us alone belong;
         Who over us is lord?"
   3  For those that are oppressed indeed,
      For all the poor that sigh in need,
         Lo, now will I arise;"
      Thus saith Jehovah in his grace,
      "And them I will in safety place
         From such as them despise."
   4  God's words are pure as silver tried,
      In furnace seven times purified.
         Thou from this race, O God,
      Shalt keep thy servants evermore.
     When vilest men are raised to power,
         The wicked walk abroad.
Common Metre Tunes  
   1  O Thou, Jehovah, grant us help,
         Because the godly cease.
      And from among the sons of men
         The faithful ones decrease.
   2  For with his neighbor every one
         Doth utter vanity:
      They with a double heart do speak~
         And lips of flattery.
   3  God shall cut off all flattering lips,
         Tongues that speak proudly thus
      We'll with our tongue prevail, Our lips
         Are ours; who's lord o'er us?
   4  For poor oppressed, and for the sighs
         Of needy, I will rise,
      Saith God. and him in safety set
         From such as him despise.
   5  Jehovah's words are words most pure~
         They are like silver tried
      In earthen furnace, seven times
         That hath been purified.
   6  O Lord, thou shalt them keep and save
         Forever from this race.
      On each side walk the wicked, when
         Vile men are high in place.

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