Psalm 125

Words: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed.

Note: This page also has a 7.6 Metre version of this psalm.
Common Metre Tunes
   1  They in the Lord that firmly trust,
         Shall be like Zion hill,
      Which at no time can be removed,
         But standeth ever still.
   2  As round about Jerusalem
         The mountains ever stand,
      So God his people will surround,
         And evermore defend.
   3  For ill men's rod upon the lot
         Of just men shall not lie;
      Lest righteous men stretch forth their hands
         To work iniquity.
   4  Do thou to all those who are good
         Thy goodness, Lord, impart;
      And also do thou good to them
         Who upright are in heart.
   5  But as for such as turn aside
         Ill their own crooked way,
      God shall lead forth with wicked men:
         On Isr'el peace shall stay.
7.6 metre (
   1  He that in God confideth,
      Like Zion Mount shall be,
      Which evermore abideth
      Unmoved eternally.
   2  As mountains, which defend her,
      Jerusalem surround,
      His saints secure to render,
      God compasseth around.
   3  The sinner's rod shall never
      On just men's lot abide,
      Lest upright men should ever
      To sin be turned aside.
   4  Thy goodness, Lord, our Savior,
      To all the good impart;
      And ever show thy favor
      To men of upright heart.
   5  But those whose choice is rather
      In crooked ways to go;
      With sinners God shall gather;
      On Israel peace bestow.

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