Psalm 13

 Words: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed.

There is also a Common Metre version of this Psalm on this page

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   1  How long wilt thou forget me?
         Shall it forever be?
      O Lord, how long neglect me,
         And hide thy face from me?
   2  How long my soul take counsel?
         Thus sad in heart each day,
      How long shall foes exulting,
         Subject me to their sway?
   3  O Lord, my God, consider,
         And hear my earnest cries,
      Lest I in death should slumber,
         Enlighten thou my eyes;
   4  Lest foes be heard exclaiming
         Against him we prevailed;
      And they that vex my spirit,
         Rejoice when I have failed:
   5  But on thy tender mercy
         I ever have relied;
      With joy in thy salvation
         My heart shall still confide.
   6  And I with voice of singing,
         Will praise the Lord alone,
      Because to me his favor
         He hath so largely shown.
Common Metre Tunes 
   1  How long wilt thou forget me Lord?
         Shall it forever be?
      O how long shall it be that thou
         Wilt hide thy face from me?
   2  How long take counsel in my soul,
         "Still sad in heart, shall I?
      How long exalted over me
         Shall be my enemy ?
   3  O Lord my God, consider well,
         And answer to me make;
      My eyes enlighten, lest the sleep
         Of death me overtake.
   4  Lest-that my enemy should say,
         Against him I prevailed;
      And those who trouble me rejoice
         When I am moved and failed.
   5  But I have all my confidence
         Upon thy mercy set;
      My heart within me shall rejoice
         In thy salvation great.
   6  I will unto Jehovah sing
         His praises cheerfully,
      Because he hath his bounty shown
         To me abundantly.

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