Psalm 14

 Words: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed.

There is also a Long Metre version of this Psalm on this page

Common Metre Tunes
   1  That there is not a God, the fool
         Doth in his heart conclude;
      They are corrupt, their works are vile,
         Not one of them doth good.
   2  Upon the sons of men the Lord
         From heaven looked abroad,
      To see if ally one were wise,
         And seeking after God.
   3  They altogether filthy are,
         They all aside are gone;
      And there is none that doeth good,
         No not so much as one.
   4  These workers of iniquity
         Do they not know at all,
      That they my people eat as bread,
         And on God do not call?
   5  There feared they much; for God is with
         The whole race of the just.
      You shame the counsel of the poor,
         Because God is his trust.
   6  Let Israel's help from Zion come;
         When back the Lord shall bring
      His captives, Jacob shall rejoice,
         And Israel shall sing.
Long Metre Tunes
   1  The God who sits enthroned on high
      The fool doth in his heart deny;
      Corrupt are they, vile works have done,
      And doing good there is not one.
   2  From heaven with searching eye the Lord
      Did all the sons of men regard;
      To see if any understood,
      If any one were seeking God.
   3  From righteous ways they all depart;
      All are corrupt and vile in heart;
      Among them doing good is none,
      Among them all, not even one.
   4  Has knowledge from the wicked fled,
      That they my people eat as bread?
      That they delight in works of shame,
      And call not on Jehovah's name?
   5  There fearful terror on them fell;
      For God doth with the righteous dwell;
      The poor man's counsel yon despise,
      Because in God his refuge lies.
   6  May Israel's help from Zion come;
      When God shall bring his captives horn%
      Then Jacob greatly shall rejoice,
      And Israel shout with gladsome voice.

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