Psalm 16

 Words: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed.

There is also a Short Metre version of this Psalm on this page

Common Metre Tunes
   1  Lord, keep me, for I trust in thee.
         To God thus was my speech;
      Thou art my Lord, and unto thee
         My goodness doth not reach;
   2  To saints on earth, the excellent,
         Where my delight is placed.
      Their sorrows shall be multiplied
         To other gods that haste.
   3  Of their drink-offerings of blood
         I will no offering make;
      Yea, neither I their very names
         Up in my lips will take.
   4  Of that inheritance and cup
         Which unto me pertain,
      The Lord most high the portion is;
         My lot thou dost maintain.
   5  To me most happily the lines
         In pleasant places fell;
      The heritage which I received
         In beauty doth excel.
   6  I bless the Lord, because he doth
         By counsel me conduct;
      And in the seasons of the night
         My reins do me instruct.
   7  Before me still the Lord I set;
         Since it is so that he
      Doth ever stand at my right hand,
         I never moved shall be.
   8  Because of this my heart is glad,
         And joy shall he expressed
      Ev'n by my glory; and my flesh
         In confidence shall rest.
   9  Because within the grave my soul
         Shall not be left by thee:
      Corruption thou wilt not permit
         Thy Holy One to see.
  10  Thou wilt me show the path of life;
         Of joys there is full store
      Before thy face; at thy right hand
         Are pleasures evermore.
Short Metre Tunes
   1     To Thee, O Lord, I fly,
         And on thy help depend;
      I said, Thou art my Lord Most High,
         To me deliv'rance send.
   2     Not unto thee my worth,
         It reaches not that height,
      To saints, the noble ones of earth,
         With whom is my delight.
   3     Their sorrows shall be great
         That other gods adore,
      Their very names I'll not repeat,
         Nor their blood, offerings pour.
   4     A heritage for me
         Jehovah wilt remain;
      The portion of my cup is he,
         My lot he shall maintain.
   5     The lot to me that fell
         Is beautiful and fair;
      The heritage in which I dwell,
         None can with it compare.
   6     I'll praise God while I live,
         His counsel guides me right;
      My reins to me instruction give,
         In seasons of the night.
   7     The Lord before me still
         I set, and trust his love;
      At my right hand he guards from ill,
         And nothing shall me move.
   8     Now gladness fills my soul,
         And joy shall be expressed;
      My glory shall his name extol,
         My flesh in hope shall rest.
   9     My soul in death's dark pit
         Shall not be left by thee;
      Corruption thou wilt not permit
         Thy Holy One to see.
  10     Life's path thou wilt me show,
         To thy right hand me guide,
      Where streams of pleasure ever flow,
         And boundless joys abide.

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