Psalm 17

 Words: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed.

Common Metre Tunes
   1  Lord, hear the right, attend my cry,
         And to my prayer give heed,
      That doth not in hypocrisy
         From feigning lips proceed.
   2  And from before thy presence forth
         My judgment do thou send;
      And unto things that equal are
         O let thy eyes attend.
   3  Thou hast my heart proved, and by night
         Didst visit, and me try,
      Yet nothing find, for that my mouth
         Shall not sin purposed I.
   4  As for men's works, I, by the word
         Which from thy lips doth flow,
      Have kept myself out of the paths
         In which destroyers go.
   5  Hold up my goings, Lord. me guide
         In paths that are divine,
      That so my footsteps may not slide
         Out of those ways of thine.
   6  Upon thee I have called, O God,
         Because thou wilt me hear:
      That thou mayst hearken to my speech,
         To me incline thy ear.
   7  Thy wondrous loving kindness show,
         Thou, who by thy right hand
      Dost save all those who trust in thee
         From such as them withstand.
   8  As th' apple of the eye me keep;
         In thy wings' shade me hide
      From wicked men and deadly foes
         Who rage on every side.
   9  In their own fat they are enclosed;
         Their mouths speak loftily.
      Our steps they compassed, and to earth
         They bowing, set their eye;
  10  Even like a lion fierce and strong.
         And greedy of his prey,
      Or lion young, which lurking doth
         In secret places stay.
  11  Arise, and disappoint my foe,
         And east him down, O Lord;
      Save thou my soul from wicked men,
         From men who are thy sword.
  12  From men who are thy hand, O Lord,
         From worldly men me save,
      Who only in this present life
         Their part and portion have.
  13  They with thy hidden wealth are filled
         And many children have;
      The rest of their abundant wealth
         They to their children leave.
  14  But as for me, I thy own face
         In righteousness shall see;
      And with thy likeness when I wake
         I satisfied shall be.
86.86.88 (CHM)
At present, we do not have any tunes in this metre.
   1  O Lord, do thou the right regard,
         And to my cry give ear;
      From no dissembling lips, O Lord,
         Proceeds my humble prayer.
      O let my judgment come to light,
      And let thine eyes behold the right.
   2  When thou dost prove and try my heart,
         And nightly visit me,
      To search me in the inmost part,
         And all my thoughts to see,
      Thou naught in me shalt find amiss,
      For never shall my mouth transgress.
   3  As for the works of men, O Lord,
         Who seek my overthrow,
      I have preserved me by thy word
         From paths wherein they go.
      Hold up my goings in thy way,
      And then my footsteps shall not stray.
   4  I call on thee, for thou wilt hear,
         And answer when I pray;
      O God, to me incline thy ear,
         Thy wondrous love display.
      Those trusting thee, thy strong right hand
      Defends from those who them withstand.
   5  Keep as the apple of the eye,
         In thy wings' shade me close;
      Bid my oppressors from me fly,
         Preserve from deadly foes.
      Enclosed in fat, and filled with pride,
      They watch our steps on every side.
   6  They, like a lion craving food,
         Crouch down and fix their eye;
      As lions young that thirst for blood,
         In secret places lie.
      Arise, withstand, cast down, O Lord,
         Save from the wicked man, thy sword.
   7  From men, thy hand, Lord, save thou me;
         This world is all their care;
      With wealth and children filled by thee,
         Their wealth their offspring share.
      In righteousness thy face I'll see,
      Blest when I wake to be like thee.

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