Psalm 52

Words: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed.

Note: This page also has a Common Metre version of this psalm.

Long Metre Tunes
   1  O Mighty man, why boast in sin?
      Forever merciful is God.
      Thy tongue is like a razor keen,
      Devising wrong, and working fraud.
   2  Yea, more than good thou lovest wrong,
      Lies more than truth thy lips employ,
      O thou deceitful, lying tongue,
      Thou lovest words that life destroy.
   3  So God shah thee destroy got aye,
      And pluck thee from thy dwelling place;
      The Lord shall thee remove away,
      And from the earth thy name erase.
   4  The godly see his ruined state,
      And fearing, they shall laugh and say,
      Behold the man of boasting great,
      Who would not make the Lord his stay;
   5  But placed his confidence in gold,
      And wealth increased to ample store;
      In wickedness he grew more bold,
      In sin increased yet more and more.
   6  But I within God's holy place
      Am like a fruitful olive tree;
      My trust on God's abundant grace
      Shall ever and forever be.
   7  Thy praise I ever will proclaim,
      Because, O Lord, thou hast done this;
      And I will wait upon thy name,
      For good before thy saints it is.

Common Metre Tunes

   1  Why dost thou boast, O mighty man,
         Of mischief and of ill?
      The goodness of Almighty God
         Endureth ever still.
   2  Thy tongue doth slanders mischievous
         Devise most cunningly,
      Like to a razor sharp to cut,
         It works deceitfully.
   3  Ill more than good, and more than truth
         Thou lovest speaking wrong:
      Thou lovest all-devouring words,
         O thou deceitful tongue.
   4  So God shall thee destroy for aye,
         Remove thee, pluck thee out
      Quite from thy house, and from the laud
         Of life he shall thee root.
   5  The righteous shall it see, and fear,
         And laugh at him they shall:
      Lo, this the mat, is that did not
         Make God his strength at all.
   6  But he in his abundant wealth
         His confidence did place;
      He also to himself took strength
         From his own wickedness.
   7  But I within the house of God
         Am like an olive green;
      My confidence forever hath
         Upon God's mercy been.
   8  And I forever will thee praise,
         Because thou hast done this;
      I on thy name will wait, for good
         Before thy saints it is.

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