Psalm 60

Words: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed.

Note: This page also has a Short Metre version of this psalm.

Common Metre Tunes

   1  O Lord, thou hast rejected us,
         And scattered us abroad;
      With us thou hast offended been,
         Return to us, O God.
   2  The earth to tremble thou hast made,
         In it didst breaches make;
      Do thou thereof the breaches heal,
         Because the land doth shake.
   3  To thy own people, thou hard things
         Hast shown, and on them sent;
      And thou hast caused us drink the wine
         Of sore astonishment.
   4  And yet a banner thou hast given
         To those who thee do fear,
      That for the sake of truth by them
         Displayed it may appear.
   5  That thy beloved people, Lord,
         May all delivered be,
      Save with the power of thy right hand,
         And answer give to me.
   6  God in his holiness did speak,
         In this rejoice I will:
      I Shechem will divide, and I
         Will measure Succoth's vale.
   7  I Gilead claim as mine by right;
         Manasseh mine shall be;
      Of my head Ephraim's the strength;
         Judah gives laws for me.
   8  In Moab I will wash; my shoe
         I will to Edom throw;
      And o'er the land of Palestine
         I will in triumph go.
   9  O who is he will bring me to
         The city fortified?
      And who is he that to the land
         Of Edom will me guide?
  10  O God, who hadst rejected us,
         This thing wilt thou not do?
      Even thou, O God, thou who didst not
         Forth with our armies go?
  11  Help us from trouble; for the help
         Is vain which man supplies.
      Through God we'll do great acts; he will
         Tread down our enemies.

Short Metre Tunes

   1     O Lord. thou hast cast off,
         And scattered us abroad;
      Thou wast displeased with us, but now
         Return again, O God.
   2     The earth thou mad'st to shake,
         In it didst breaches make;
      These breaches in thy mercy heal,
         Because the land doth shake.
   3     Thou didst hard things to us
         Thy erring people show;
      And thou hast filled for us a cup
         Of fearfulness and woe.
   4     A banner thou hast given
         To them thy name who fear,
      That it displayed because of truth,
         Before them might appear.
   5     That thy beloved land
         From trouble may be free,
      Deliver thou with thy right hand;
         And hear my earnest plea.
   6     In holiness God spake,
         In this rejoice I will;
      The land of Shechem I'll divide,
         And measure Succoth's vale.
   7     To me Manasseh's land,
         And Gilead belong;
      Judah gives laws for me, my head
         Shall Ephraim make strong.
   8     In Moab I will wash,
         My shoe o'er Edom throw;
      Thou Palestine because of me
         Shalt forth in triumph go.
   9     Unto the city strong
         O who will be my guide?
      And who will lead me to the land
         Where Edom's bands reside?
  10     O God, wilt thou not guide;
         Thou who didst stand afar,
      Refusing with our host to go
         When marching forth to war?
  11     From trouble give us help,
         For vain is human aid;
      Through God we shall do valiant deeds;
         He on our foes shall tread.

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