Psalm 61

Words: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed.

Note: This page also has a Common Metre version of this psalm.

Common Metre Tunes(CPM - 886.886)

  "Meribah" Lowell Mason, 1839

   1  Lord, hear my voice, my prayer attend,
      From earth's remotest bound I send
         My supplicating cry.
      When troubles great o'erwhelm my breast,
      Then lead me on the rock to rest
         That higher is than I.
   2  In thee my soul hath shelter found,
      And thou hast been from foes around
         The tow'r of my defense;
      My home shall thy pavilion be;
      To covert of thy wings I'll flee,
         land find deliverance.
   3  For thou, O Lord, my vows hast heard,
      On me their heritage conferred,
         That fear thy holy name.
      Long life thou to the king wilt give,
      Through generations he shall live,
         From age to age the same.
   4  Before the Lord shall he abide:
      Oh, do thou truth and grace provide
         To guard him in the way.
      So I thy praises will make known,
      And humbly bending at thy throne,
         My vows will dally pay.

Common Metre Tunes

   1  O God, give ear unto my cry,
         And to my prayer attend.
      From th' utmost corner of the land
         My cry to thee I'll send.
   2  And when my heart is overwhelmed,
         And in perplexity,
      Do thou me lead unto the Rock
         That higher is than I.
   3  For thou hast for my refuge been
         A shelter by thy power;
      And for defense against my foes
         Thou hast been my strong tower,
   4  Within thy tabernacle I
         Forever will abide;
      And under covert of thy wings
         With confidence will hide.
   5  For thou the vows that I did make,
         O Lord, my God, didst hear;
      The heritage hast given me
         Of those thy name that fear.
   6  A life prolonged for many days
         Thou to the king wilt give;
      Like many generations are
         The years which he shall live.
   7  And in God's presence his abode
         He evermore shall have;
      Thy mercy and thy truth prepare
         That may him surely save.
   8  And so will I for evermore
         Sing praises to thy name;
      That having made my vows, I may
         Each day perform the same.

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