Psalm 80

Words: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed.

Note: This page also has a Common Metre version of this psalm.
   1  O Thou who the Shepherd of Israel art,
      Give ear to our prayer, and thy favor impart;
      Thou leader of Joseph, thou guide of his way,
      'Mid cherubim dwelling, thy glory display.
   2  In Ephraim's, Manasseh's and Benjamin's sight,
      O come thou and save us: awake in thy might.
      O God, give us favor, restore to thy grace;
      And then we shall live in the light of thy face.
   3  How long wilt thou turn in fierce anger away,
      O Lord God of hosts, when thy people do pray?
      With tear-bread of sorrow their table is laid;
      Of tears' bitter mixture their drink thou hast made.
   4  A strife thou hast made us to neighbors around,
      our foes in their laughter and scoffing abound.
      O Lord God of hosts, us restore to thy grace,
      And then we shall live in the light of thy face.
   5  From Egypt's dark border a vine thou didst take:
      Destroying the heathen didst room for it make.
      Where planted it grew at thy sov'reign command,
      With roots deeply set and boughs filling the land.
   6  The mountains were covered beneath its deep shade,
      The cedars of God with the boughs it displayed;
      Her boughs to the sea afar off she did send,
      Her branches far out to the river extend.
   7  O why hast thou taken her hedges away,
      That all who pass by her may make her a prey?
      The boar from the forest destroys at his will,
      The beasts of the field are devouring her still.
   8  Return, God of hosts, O return unto thine;
      Look down from the heavens and visit this vine:
      This vine, which was planted by thy mighty hand:
      This branch for thyself, which thou madest to stand.
   9  The axe hews it down; it is burned in the fire;
      They perish, rebuked in thy terrible ire.
      O lay then thy hand on the man of thy might.
      The Son of man made to stand strong in thy sight.
  10  No more shall we wander, delighting in shame;
      Revive us, O Lord; we will call on thy name.
      O Lord God of hosts, us restore to thy grace?
      And then we shall live in the light of thy face.
Common Metre Tunes
   1  Hear, Isr'el's Shepherd! like a flock
         Thou that dost Joseph guide;
      Shine forth, O thou that dost between
         The cherubim abide.
   2  In Ephriam's, and Benjamin's,
         And in Manasseh's sight,
      O come for our salvation, Lord,
         Stir up thy strength and might.
   3  Turn us again, O Lord our God,
         Restore us unto thee;
      O cause thy face to shine on us,
         And saved we then shall be.
   4  O Lord of hosts, almighty God,
         How long shall kindled be
      Thy wrath against the prayer which
         Thy people make to thee?
   5  Thou tears of sorrow glv'st to them
         Instead of bread to eat;
      Thou givest tears instead of drink
         To them in measure great.
   6  Thou makest us to neighbors all
         A strife on every side,
      Our enemies among themselves
         With laughter us deride.
   7  Turn us again, O God of hosts,
         Restore us unto thee.
      O cause thy face to shine on us
         And saved we then shall be.
   8  A vine from Egypt thou hast brought,
         By thy almighty hand;
      And thou hast cast the heathen out,
         To plant it in their land.
   9  Before it thou a place didst make,
         And give it room to stand;
      Thou causedst it deep root to take,
         And it did fill the land.
  10  Its shadow veiled the highest hills,
         It covered mountains o'er;
      And like the goodly cedars were
         The branches which it bore.
  11  Upon the one hand, to the sea,
         Her boughs she forth did send;
      Upon the other, to the flood,
         Her branches did extend.
  12  Why hast thou broken down her hedge,
         And taken it away,
      So that all passers by do pluck
         And make of' her a prey?
  13  The boar that from the forest comes
         Doth waste it at his will;
      The wild beast also of the field
         Devours of it his fill.
  14  O God of hosts, we thee beseech,
         Return now unto thine;
      Look down from heaven, and behold,
         And visit thou this vine:
  15  Ev'n this thy vineyard planted here,
         The work of thy right hand,
      And that same branch, which for thyself
         Thou hast made strong to stand.
  16  Burnt up it is with flaming fire,
         It also is cut down:
      And perished utterly are they,
         Because thy face did frown.
  17  O let thy hand be laid upon
         The man of thy right hand,
      The Son of man, whom for thyself
         Thou hast made strong to stand.
  18  So henceforth we will not go back,
         Nor turn from thee at all:
      O do thou quicken us, and we
         Upon thy name will call.
  19  Turn us again, Lord God of hosts,
         Restore us unto thee;
      O cause thy face to shine on us,
         And saved we then shall be.

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