Psalm 82

Words: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed.

Common Metre Tunes

   1  In gods' assembly God doth stand;
         He judgeth gods among.
      How long, accepting persons vile,
         Will ye give judgment wrong?
   2  Defend the poor and fatherless;
         To poor oppressed do right.
      The poor and needy ones set free;
         Them save from ill men's might.
   3  They know not, nor will understand;
         In darkness they walk on:
      For all foundations of the earth
         Out of their course are gone.
   4  I said that ye are gods, and are
         The sons of God Most High;
      But as the princes ye shall fall,
         Like men ye all shall die.
   5  O mighty God, do thou arise,
         The earth to judgment call:
      For thou, as thine inheritance,
         Shalt take the nations all.
Second version
   1  Among assembled men of might,
         The mighty God doth stand:
      He stands to order judgment right
         To judges of the land.
   2  How long will ye, with wrongful aid,
         Th' oppressor's cause protect ?
      How long, by gift and favor swayed,
         The wicked man respect?
   3  Protect the fatherless and weak,
         Defend the poor distressed;
      and give deliv'rance to the meek
         By lawless power oppressed.
   4  They will not know nor understand,
         In darkness on they go:
      Quake all the pillars of the land;
         They totter to and fro.
   5  "True, ye are gods, ye kings," I said
         "And sons of God Most High;
      Yet as the sons of men ye fade,
         And as the princes die."
   6  Arise, O God, assert thy right,
         Pronounce thy just decree;
      The heritage of earth by right
         Belongs, O Lord, to thee.

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