Psalm 97

Words: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed.

Note: This page also has a Common Metre version of this psalm.

Long Metre Tunes
   1  Jehovah reigns; let earth be glad,
      And all her islands clap their hands;
      With clouds and darkness he is clad,
      His throne in right and judgment stands.
   2  A fiery stream before him goes,
      And burns around him all his foes;
      His lightning shafts, in vengeance hurled,
      Blazed lurid o'er the trembling world.
   3  Like wax the mountains melt away,
      Before his majesty divine;
      The heavens his righteousness display,
      All nations see his glory shine.
   4  Be shamed who idols serve and boast,
      Fear him, ye gods, with all your host;
      When Zion glad, thy judgments heard,
      Then Judah's daughters praised the Lord.
   5  Exalted is thy throne, O Lord,
      Above all gods, above all lauds;
      Hate evil, ye who love his word,
      His saints he frees from wicked hands.
   6  For all the righteous sown is light,
      And joy for men in heart upright,
      Ye saints rejoice in God; him bless,
      When musing on his holiness.
Common Metre Tunes
   1  The Lord Jehovah reigns as King,
         Let all the earth rejoice;
      And let the multitude of isles
         For joy lift up their voice.
   2  With thickest clouds and darkness deep
         The Lord himself surrounds;
      His lofty throne on righteousness
         And judgment just he founds.
   3  Before him goes a fire; his foes
         It burns up round about:
      His lightnings lighten did the world;
         Earth saw, and shook throughout.
   4  Before the Lord the hills did melt
         As wax before the flame;
      Before the Lord of all the earth,
         When he in glory came.
   5  The heav'ns declare his righteousness,
         All men his glory see.
      All who serve graven images,
         Confounded let them be.
   6  They who of idols boast themselves,
         Shall all be brought to shame.
      O all ye gods, see that ye give
         Due worship to his name.
   7  When Zion heard, she joyful was,
         Glad Judah's daughters were;
      They much rejoiced, O Lord, because
         Thy judgments did appear.
   8  For thou. O Lord, art high above
         All things on earth that are;
      Above all other gods thou art
         Exalted very far.
   9  Hate ill, all ye that love the Lord:
         His saints' souls keepeth he;
      And from the hands of wicked men
         He sets them safe and free.
  10  For them that follow righteousness
         Is sown a joyful light,
      And gladness great is sown for them
         That are in heart upright.
  11  Ye righteous, in the Lord rejoice;
         Express your thankfulness,
      When ye into your memory
         Do call his holiness.

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