Psalm 98

Words: The Psalter of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, 1887 ed.

Note: This page also has a Common Metre version and an 87 Metre version of this psalm.

Long Metre Tunes
   1  Come, let us sing unto the Lord,
      New songs of praise with sweet accord;
      For wonders great by him are done;
      His hand and arm have vict'ry won.
   2  The great salvation of our God
      Is seen through all the earth abroad;
      Before the heathen's wondering sight,
      He hath revealed his truth and right.
   3  He called to mind his truth and grace
      In promise made to Isr'el's race;
      And unto earth's remotest bound,
      Glad tidings of salvation sound.
   4  All lands to God lift up your voice;
      Sing praise to him, with shouts rejoice;
      With voice of joy and loud acclaim,
      Let all unite and praise his name.
   5  Praise God with harp, with harp sing praise,
      With voice of psalms his glory raise;
      With trumpets, cornets, gladly sing,
      And shout before the Lord the King.
   6  Let earth be glad, let billows roar,
      And all that dwell from shore to shore;
      Let floods clap hands with one accord,
      Let hills rejoice before the Lord;
   7  For, lo, He comes; at his command
      All nations shall in judgment stand;
      In justice robed, and throned in light,
      The Lord shall judge, dispensing right.
Common Metre Tunes
   1  O sing a new song to the Lord,
         For wonders he hath done;
      His right hand and his holy arm
         Him victory hath won.
   2  The great salvation wrought by him,
         Jehovah hath made known;
      His justice in the heathen's sight
         He openly hath shown.
   3  He mindful of his grace and truth
         To Isr'el's house hath been;
      The great salvation of our God
         All ends of earth have seen.
   4  Let all the earth unto the Lord
         Send forth a joyful noise;
      Lift up your voice aloud to him,
         Sing praises, and rejoice.
   5  With harp, with harp, and voice of psalms,
         Unto Jehovah sing:
      With trumpets, cornets, gladly sound
         Before the Lord the King.
   6  Let seas and all their fullness roar;
         The world, and dwellers there;
      Let floods clap hands, and let the hills
         Together joy declare
   7  Before the Lord; because he comes,
         To judge the earth comes he;
      He'll judge the world and people all
         With truth and equity.
87 Metre Tunes
   1  Sing a new song to Jehovah,
         For the wonders he hath wrought;
      His right hand and arm, most holy,
         Victory to him have brought,
   2  Lo, Jehovah his salvation
         Hath to all the world made known;
      In the sight of ev'ry nation
         He his righteousness hath shown.
   3  Mindful of his truth and mercy
         He to Isr'els house hath been,
      And the Lord our God's salvation
         All the ends of earth have seen.
   4  All the earth, sing to Jehovah,
         Shout aloud, sing and rejoice;
      With the harp sing to Jehovah,
         With the harp and tuneful voice.
   5  Sound the trumpet and the cornet,
         Shout before the Lord the King;
      Sea, and all its fullness thunder;
         Earth, and all its people sing.
   6  Let the rivers in their gladness
         Clap their hands with one accord;
      Let the mountains sing together,
         And rejoice before the Lord.
   7  For, to judge the earth he cometh,
         And with righteousness shall he
      Judge the world; and all the nations
         He will judge with equity.

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