Psalm 110

Words: John Craig,  from  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

Music: Unable to initialize a MIDI player for your browser Old 110th, Louis Bourgeois, from the French Psalters of 1558-1561

Note: original spelling retained

   1  The LORD most high unto my LORD thus spake,
      Sit thou now downe and rest at my right hand.
      Untill that I thine enemies doe make,
      A stoole to bee whereon thy feet may stand.
   2  The Scepter of thy regall power and might
      From Syon shall the LORD send and disclose;
      Bee thou therefore the ruler in the fight
      And in the midst of all thy mortal foes.
   3  Thy people shall come willingly to thee,
      What tyme thine host in holy beautie shew:
      The youth that of thy womb do spring shall bee
      Comparèd like unto the morning dew.
   4  Thus God hath sworn, and it perform will hee,
      And not repent, nor any time it break:
      Thou art a Priest for ever unto mee
      After the form of King Melchisedeck.
   5  The LORD our GOD who is at everie stound  [?]
      At thy right hand, to bee thine help and stay:
      Hee Princes proud, and stately Kings shall wound
      For love of thee in his fierce wrathfull day.
   6  Hee shall bee Judge among the Heathen all:
      Hee places void with carcasses shall fill:
      And in his rage the heads eke smite hee shall
      That over countries great do work their will.
   7  Yes, hee through haste for to pursue his foes
      Shall drink the brook that runneth in the way:
      And thus when hee confounded shall have those,
      His head on hie then shall hee lift that day.  

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