Psalm 115

Words: William Whittingham,  from  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

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Anglo-Genevan 115th,  c1560  composer unknown
Harmony from the 1635 Psalter.
   1     Not unto us O Lord,
         I say, to us give none;
      But give all praise of grace and truth,
         unto thy Name alone.
   2     Why shall the Gentiles say
         To us as in despite,
     Where is their God they call upon;
         where is their heart's delight?
   3     Doubtless our Sovereign God,
         in heaven sits on high;
      And worketh what him liketh best,
         for all things do can he.
   4     But their idols and gods
         before whom they do stand;
      Silver and gold they are at most,
         the work even of men's hand.
   5     A mouth they have speechless,
         nor moving tongue nor lips;
      And eyes they have, but see no whit,
         no more than do dead chips.
   6     Ears they have, and hear not,
         as do the ears of man:
      A nose also, but to no use
         for smell nothing they can.
   7     Both hands and feet they have,
         in form there is no lack
      But neither touch nor go they can,
         nor yet with throat noise make.
   8     Like unto them shall be
         the forgers that them frame
      And likewise such are no less mad
         who call upon their name.
   9     But thou, O Israel
         in God put confidence:
      For to all such an aid he is,
         a buckler and defense.
  10     And thou tribe of Aaron
         in God put confidence:
      For to all such an aid he is,
         a buckler and defense.
  11     All ye that fear the Lord
         in God put confidence:
      For to all such an aid he is,
         a buckler and defense.
  12     The Lord hath us in mind,
         and will us bless each one:
      The house, I mean, of Israel,
         and the tribe of Aaron.
  13     And bless will he all them
         That fear the Lord indeed:
      As well the weak as them of strength
         who seek to him at need.
  14     With graces manifold
         the Lord will all you bless:
      As well your seed as you your selves
         with plenty and increase.
  15     For ye are dear to him,
         that Lord is over all:
      Who made the heaven and the earth,
         and things both great and small.
  16     The heavens are the Lord's 
         as his own dwelling place:
      But unto men the earth he gives,
         thereon to run their race.
  17     Surely they that are dead
         do not now praise the Lord:
      Nor such as in the grave are laid
         do thereunto accord.
  18     But we that here to live
         shall thank the Lord always;
      With heart and mouth give thanks will we
         likewise all ye him praise.

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