Psalm 116 

Words: John Craig,  from  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

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Old 116th, source unknown
Harmony from the 1635 Psalter.
   1  I love the Lord, because my voice,
         and prayer heard hath he.
   2  When in my days I called on him,
         he bowed his ear to me.
   3  Even when the snares of cruel death
         about beset me round;
      When pains of hell me caught, and when
         I woe and sorrow found.
   4  Upon the Name of God my Lord
         then did I call and say,
      Deliver thou my Soul, O Lord,
         I do thee humbly pray.
   5  The Lord is very merciful
         and just he is also
      And in our God compassion
         doth plentifully flow.
   6  The Lord in safety doth preserve
         all those that simple be;
      I was in woeful misery,
         and he relievèd me.
   7  And now my Soul saith thou art safe
         return unto thy rest,
      For largely lo the Lord to thee
        his bounty hath expressed.
   8  Because thou hast deliverèd
         my Soul from deadly thrall;
      My moisted eyes from mournful tears,
         my sliding feet from fall.
   9  Before the Lord I in the land
         of life will walk therefore;
  10  I did believe, therefore I spake,
         for I was troubled sore.
  11  I said in my distress and fear
         that all men liars be
  12  What shall I pay the Lord for all
         his benefits to me?
  13  The wholesome cup of saving health
         I thankfully will take:
      And on the Lord's Name I will call,
         when I my prayer make.

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