Psalm 118

Words: John Craig,  from  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

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Old 118th, (also titled "Rendez A Dieu") Louis Bourgeois, 1543 or 1544. Harmony from the 1635 Psalter.
This tune has been associated with Psalm 118 since its first appearance in 1543.

Note: original spelling retained

   1  Give to the Lord all praise and honor,
         for he is gracious and kind.
      Yea, more his mercy and great favor,
         Doth firm abide world without end.
   2  Let Israel now say thus boldly,
         That his mercies for ever dure.
   3  And let A-arons whole progeny,
         Confess the same stable and sure.
   4  Let those that fear God them now address
         To come and sing to him therefore:
      That his great love and tender kindness
         Remaineth still for evermore
   5  For when with troubles I was press-ed,
         I then upon the LORD did call;
      Who heard my voice, and me uprais-ed
         And set at large free from all thrall.
   6  The most of might, who heard my complaint,
         He is with me my part to take:
      No fear therefore shall cause me to faint
         For ought that man may 'gainst me make.
   7  The LORD on my side doth him retire,
         With such as do me help and aid:
      So that I shall see my just desire
         Upon my foes which me upbraid.
   8  In GOD to trust it is far better,
         Than in vain man to trust and stand:
   9  To trust in GOD (I say) is surer
         Than Princes, Lords of sea and land.
  10  All nations have me round compassed
         With one consent, yet in God's Name
      By me they shall be soon destroy-ed,
         And put to flight, rebuke and shame.
  11  They have me round about enclos-ed,
         Yea, and shut up with one accord:
      Yet they by me shall be destroy-ed,
         Even in the Name of GOD the LORD.
  12  Like bees they came about me swarming
         But were as fire of thorns put out:
      For in GOD's Name the ever-living
         I shall confound them all no doubt.
  13  Thou hast (O cruel adversary)
         Thrust sore at me with main and might
      To cause my fall: but so contrary,
         For GOD hath help me in my right.
  14  My strength and force is God most high,
         Yea, he my song is of pleasance;  [archaic: pleasure]
      For he hath been in all adversity
         Mine helper, and deliverance.
  15  The voice of joy; and freedom shall be
         Within the just man's dwelling place;
      Saying behold right valiantly
         The LORD's right hand hath brought to pass.
   16  The hand most strong of the almighty
          Exalted is now presently
       Of GOD the LORD the right hand sturdy
          Hath done (say they) triumphantly.
  17  Away, away envyers each one,
         For yet death's cup I shall not prove;
      But shall still live, that I may expose,
         And show abroad GOD's works above.
  18  The LORD my GOD hath me chastised
         And that right sore, I must confess;
      But of his goodness not deliver-ed
         Me unto death in that distress.
  19  Open therefore to me the gates fair,
         Which are the gates of righteousness,
      That though the same I may have repair
         And praise the LORD his holiness.
  20  This is GOD's gate, famous and worthy,
         Whereat the righteous enter shall;
  21  I will thee praise, LORD, which hast heard me
         And my deliv'rance been withal.
  22  The stone which wholly was refus-ed,
         And of the builders cast away:
      The same lay-ed is now, and plac-ed
         As of the corner head and stay.
  23  Which thing is done by th'only working
         Of GOD the LORD most glorious:
      And as a wonder is appearing,
         Unto our sight most marvelous.
  24  This is of truth the day most happy,
         Which GOD hath made of his goodness:
      Let us therein be blithe and merry,
         And sing to GOD with great gladness.
  25  O LORD, I now beseech and pray thee,
         Save thou the King, and him maintain:
      Give him good luck and prosperous to be
         O LORD, I yet require again.
  26  Who in the Name of GOD most holy
         doth come, he blessed be alway:
      We with also ye may be happy
         Who in GOD's house are night and day.
  27  The LORD our GOD he is most mighty,
         And hath us given light at last:
      Unto the horns of th'Altar holy
         Your sacrifice now bind full fast.
  28  Thou art the GOD in whom I glory,
         To thee will I give praise theefore:
      Even thou my GOD art, therefore will I
         Laud and exalt thee evermore.
  29  Give to the LORD all praise and honor
         For gracious is he and kind:
      yes, more his mercy and great favor
         Doth ay endure world without end.

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