Psalm 122

Words: William Kethe,  from  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

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Old 122nd, originally French 3rd Psalm
Probably from Anglo-Genevan 1561
Harmony from the 1635 Psalter
   1  I did in heart rejoice
      to hear the people's voice
         In offering so willingly:
      For let us up, say they,
      And in the Lord's house pray:
         Thus spake the folk full lovingly.
   2  Our feet that wandered wide
      Shall in thy gates abide,
         O thou Jerusalem full fair;
      Which art so seemly set
      Much like a city neat,
         The like whereof is not elsewhere

   3  The tribes with one accord,
      The tribes of God the Lord,
         Are thither bent their way to take:
      So God before did tell
      That there his Israel
          Their prayers should together make. 
   4  For there are thrones erect,
      and that for this respect,
         To set forth justice orderly:
      Which thrones' right to maintain,
      To David's house pertain,
         His folk to judge with equity. 

   5  To pray let us not cease
      for Jerusalem's peace:
         Thy friends God keep in amity;
      Peace be thy walls about,
      And prosper thee throughout
         Thy palaces continually. 
   6  I with thy prosperous state
      For my poor brethren's sake
         That comfort have by means of thee.
      God's house doth me allure
      Thy wealth for to procure
         So much as always lies in me.

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