Psalm 125

Words: William Kethe,  from  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

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French 21st, probably from Anglo-Genevan 1558
Harmony from the 1635 Psalter
   1  Such as in God the Lord do trust,
      as Zion mount shall firmly stand,
      And be removèd at no hand:
      the Lord will count them right and just,
         So that they shall be sure
         for ever to endure.
   2  As many mountains huge and great
      Jerusalem about do close,
      So will the Lord do unto those
      who on his Godly will do wait:
         Such are to him so dear
         they never need to fear.
   3  For though the righteous try doth he,
      by making wicked men his rod,
      Lest they through grief forsake their God,
      it shall not always their lot be.
         Give, Lord to us thy light
         whose hearts are true and right.
   4  But as for such as turn aside
      by crooked ways which they out sought,
      The Lord will surely bring to naught:
      with workers vile they shall abide;
         But peace with Israel
         for evermore shall dwell.

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