Psalm 148

Words: John Pullain, as in  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

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anonymous, as presented in the 
Scottish Psalter of 1635,
   1  Give laud unto the Lord,
      from heav'n that is so high;
      Praise him in deed and word
      above the starry sky
         And also ye
         His angels all, armies royal,
         Praise him with glee.
   2  Praise him both moon and sun,
      which are so clear and bright;
      The same of you be done,
      ye glitt'ring stars of light:
         And eke no less,
         Ye heavens fair, and clouds of air,
         His laude express.
   3  For at his word they were
      all form-ed as we see,
      At his voice did appear
      all things in their degree,
         Which he set fast;
         To them he made a law and trade
         For aye to last.
    4 Extol and praise God's Name
      on earth, ye dragons fell;
      All deeps do ye the same,
      for it becomes you well:
         Him magnify,
         Fire, hail, ice, snow, and storms that blow
         At his decree.
   5  Ye hills and mountains all,
      and trees that fruitful are,
      The cedars great and tall,
      his worthy praise declare:
         Beasts and cattle,
         Yea, birds flying, and worms creeping,
         That on earth dwell.
   6  All kings both more and less
      with all their pompous train;
      Princes and all judges
      that in the world remain,
         Exalt his Name:
         Young men and maids, old men and babes,
         Do ye the same.
   7  For his Name shall we prove
      to be most excellent,
      Whose praise is far above
      the earth and firmament;
         For sure he shall
         Exalt with bliss the horn of his,
         And help them all.
   8  His saints all shall forth tell
      his praise and worthiness,
      The children of Israel,
      each one both more and less:
         And also they
         That with good will his words fulfill,
         And him obey.

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