Psalm 149

Words: John Pullain, as in  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

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Anglo-Genevan 149th, 
Harmony from  the Scottish Psalter of 1635,
   1  Sing unto the LORD,
      with hearty accord,
      A new joyful song: 
      His praises resound, 
      in every ground, 
      His Saints all among.
   2  Let Israel rejoice,
      And praise eke with voice,
      His maker loving:
      The sons of Zion,
      Let them every one
      Be glad in their King.
   3  Let all them advance
      His Name in the dance,
      Both now and always,
      With harp and tabert,
      Even so likewise let
      Them utter his praise.
   4  The LORD's pleasure is,
      In them that are his;
      Not willing to start:
      But all means do seek
      To succor the meek
      And humble in heart.
   5  The saints more and less
      His praise shall express,
      As is good and right:
      Rejoicing, I say,
      Both now and for ay,
      In their beds at night.
   6  Their throats shall burst out
      In every rout,
      In praise of their LORD:
      And as men most bold,
      In hand shall they hold
      A two edged sword.
   7  Avengèd to be
      In every degree
      The heathen upon:
      And for to reprove,
      As them doth behoove
      The people each one.
   8  To bind strange Kings fast
      In chains that will last,
      Their nobles also
      In hard iron bands,
      As well feet as hands,
      To their grief and woe.
   9  That they may indeed
      Give sentence with speed
      On them to their pain,
      Which is right always,
      Such honor and praise
      His saints shall obtain.

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