Psalm 15

Words: Thomas Sternhold,  as in  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

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Old 15th: Anglo-Genevan Psalter, 1556.
Harmony by Edward Millar, c1635.

This is one of three Psalms set to the same tune in the 1635 Scottish Psalter. 

This Psalm teacheth on what condition God did choose the Jews for His peculiar people, and wherefore he placed his Temple amongst them: which was to the intent, that they by living uprightly and godly, night witness, that they were his special and holy people

   1  Within thy tabernacle, Lord,
         who shall inhabit still?
      Or whom wilt thou receive to dwell
         in thy most holy hill?
   2  The man whose life is uncorrupt,
         whose works are just and straight,
      Whose heart doth think the very truth,
         and tongue speaks no deceit;
   3  That to his neighbor doth no ill,
         in body, goods, or name;
      Nor willingly doth slanders raise,
         which might impair the same:
   4  That in his heart regardeth not
         malicious wicked men;
      But those that love and fear the Lord,
         he maketh much of them:
   5  His oath and all his promises
         that keepeth faithfully;
      Although he make his cov'nant so
         that he doth lose thereby:
   6  That putteth not to usury
         his money and his coin;
      Nor for to hurt the innocent
         doth bribe, nor yet purloin.
   7  Whoso doth these things faithfully,
         and turneth not therefrom,
      Shall never perish in this world,
         nor that which is to come.

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