Psalm 34

Words: Thomas Sternhold, as in  The Scottish Psalter of 1635
Note: This version of Psalm 34 was also used in the Sternhold and Hopkins Psalter of 1562.

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Old 68th:
The 1635 Psalter set this Psalm to the tune for the 68th Psalm from the Anglo-Genevan Psalter. Harmony by Edward Millar, c1635.

Note: we have modernized the spelling in this setting, but have retained the Archaic "eke" (also). See our Sternhold and Hopkins Psalm 34 for a version that has been modernized in this regard (and slightly altered in some other areas).

 1  I will give laud and honor both
       unto the Lord always;
    And eke my mouth for evermore
       shall speak unto his praise.
 2  I do delight to laude the Lord,
       in soul, and eke in voice,
    That humble men and mortified,
       may hear and so rejoice.

 3  Therefore see that ye magnify
       with me the living Lord;
    Let us exalt his holy Name
       together with one accord.
 4  For I myself besought the Lord,
       he answered me again,
    And me relieved incontinent
       From all my fear and pain.

 5  Whoso they be that him behold,
       shall see his light most clear;
    Their countenance shall not be dashed,
       they need it not to fear.
 6  This silly wretch for some relief
       unto the Lord did call,
    Who did him hear without delay,
       and rid him out of thrall.

 7  The angel of the Lord doth pitch
       his tents in ev'ry place,
    To save all such as fear the LORD,
       that nothing them deface.
 8  Taste, and consider well therefore,
       that God is good and just!
    O happy man, that maketh him
       his only stay and trust!

 9  Fear ye the Lord, his holy ones,
       above all earthly thing;
    For they that fear the living Lord,
       are sure to lack nothing.
10  The lions shall be hunger-bit,
       and pined with famine much;
    But as for them that fear the Lord,
       no lack shall be to such.

   The Second Part.

11  Come near therefore, my children, dear
       and to my words give ear;
    I shall you teach the perfect way,
       how ye the Lord shall fear.
12  Who is the man that would live long,
       and lead a bless-ed life?
    See thou refrain thy tongue and lips
       from all deceit and strife.

13  Turn back thy face from doing ill,
       and do the godly deed:
    Inquire for peace and quietness,
       and follow it with speed.
14  For why? the eyes of God above
       upon the just are bent;
    His ears likewise to hear the plaint
       of the poor innocent.

15  But he doth frown, and bend his brows
       upon the wicked train,
    And cuts away the memory
       that should of them remain.
16  But when the just do call and cry,
       the Lord doth hear them so,
    That out of pain and misery
       forthwith he lets them go.

17  The Lord is kind and straight at hand
       to such as be contrite:,
    He saves also the sorrowful
       the meek and pure in sprite.
18  Full many be the miseries
       that righteous men do suff'r;
    But out of all adversities
       the Lord doth them deliver.

19  The Lord doth so preserve and keep
       their very bones alway,
    That not so much as one of them
       doth perish or decay.
20  The sin shall slay the wicked man
       which he himself hath wrought;
    And such as hate the righteous man
       shall soon be brought to nought.

21  But they that fear the living Lord
       are ever safe and sound;
    And as for those that trust in him,
       nothing shall them confound.

 1  I will give laud and honor both
       unto the Lord always;
    And eke my for evermore
       shall speak unto his praise.        

Although the tune for this is a CMD tune, there are an odd number of verses, so there is one extra verse at the end of the Psalm. We have added a repeat of the first verse at the end so that the tune will come out even if you're singing along, but we do not generally think it is a good idea to add repeats when singing carefully translated metrical Psalms.  (It seems a bit to us like adding to the Word of God)


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