Psalm 36

Words: William Kethe  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

Music: Unable to initialize a MIDI player for your browser Old 132nd: probably a French tune.
Harmony by Edward Millar, c1635.
 1  The wicked deeds of the ill man,
       Unto mine heart do witness plain;
 2  That fear of God in him is none,
       Though He himself would flatter fain;
    His wickedness is judged and known.

 3  His mouth is bent to vile deceit,
       With ignorance he is replete,
    And to do good he hath no will.
 4     In bed he doth for mischief wait,
    Full bent to seek the way most ill.

 5  Thy mercies, Lord, to Heaven reach,
       Thy faithfulness the clouds do preach:
 6  Thy righteousness as mountains huge:
       Thy judgments deep no tongue can teach,
    To man and beast thou art refuge.

 7  O God! how great thy mercies be!
       The sons of men to trust in thee
 8  With thee they shall be fully fed,
       And thou wilt give them drink full free
    Of pleasant rivers largely spread.

 9  The Well of life is thine by right,
       Thy brightness doth give us our light.
10  Thy favor, Lord, to such extend
       As knowledge thee with heart upright,
    Thy righteousness to such men lend.

11  Let not the proud, O Lord, prevail,
       Nor vain mens power make me to quail;
12  But lo, they fail in their device
       They mischief work with tooth and nail
    And fall, but can by no means rise.

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