Psalm 44

Words: Thomas Sternhold  The Scottish Psalter of 1635
(NOTE: these are very similar to the 1562 English version, but there are definite differences.
We believe these words may be closer to Thomas Sternhold's original rendering.

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Psalm 44, Anglo-Genevan Psalter of 1551
Harmony by Edward Millar, c1635.
  1  Our ears have heard Our fathers tell, 
        and reverently record
     The wondrous works that thou hast done 
        in older time, O Lord.
  2  How thou did'st cast the Gentiles out
        and stroydest them with strong hand:,
     Planting our fathers in their place,
        and gave to them their land,

  3  They conquered not by sword nor strength
        the land of thy behest;
     But by thy hand, thy arm, and grace,
        because thou loves them best.
  4  Thou art my King, O God, that helped
        Jacob in sundry wise;
  5  Led with thy pow'r we threw down such
        as did against us rise.

  6  I trusted not in bow nor sword,
        they could not save me sound;
  7  Thou kept'st us from our enemies rage, 
        and didst our foes confound.
  8  And still we boast of thee our God,
        and praise thy holy Name;
  9  Yet now thou go'st not with our host,
        but leavest us to shame.

 10  Thou mad'st us flee before our foes,
        and so were over-trod;
     Our enemies spoiled and robbed our goods,,
        when we were 'spersed abroad:
 11  Thou hast us given to our foes,
        as sheep for to be slain;
     Amongst the heathen ev'ry where
        scattered we do remain.

 12  Thy people thou hast sold like slaves,
        and as a thing of nought;
     For profit none thou hadst thereby,
        no gain at all was sought.
 13  And to our neighbors thou hast made
        of us a langhing-stock;
     And those that round about us dwell,
        at us do grin and mock.

 14  Thus we serve for no other use,
        but for a common talk;
     They mock, they scorn, and nod their heads, 
        where ever we go or walk.
 15  I am ashamed continually
        to hear those wicked men:
     Yea, so I blush, that all my face
        with red is covered then.

 16  For why? We hear such sland'rous words, 
        such false reports and lies;
     That death it is to see their wrongs,
        their threat'nings, and their cries.
 17  For all this we forgot not thee,
        nor yet thy Cov'nant break;
 18  We turned not back our hearts from thee, 
        nor did thy paths forsake.

 19  Yet thou hast trod us down to dust,
        where dens of dragons be;
     And covered us with shade of death,
        and great adversity.
 20  If we had our God's Name forgot,
        and help of idols sought,
 21  Would not God then have tried this out?
        for he doth know our thought?

 22  Nay, nay, for thy Name's sake, O Lord,
        always we are slain thus,
     As sheep into the shambles sent,
        e'en so they deal with us.
 23  Up, Lord, why sleepest thou? awake,
        for ever leave us not;
 24  Why hidest thou thy countenance?
        our thrall thou hast forgot.

 25  For down to dust our soul is brought,
        and we now at last cast,
     Our belly like as it were glued,
        unto the ground cleav'th fast.
 26  Rise up therefore for our defense,
        and help us, Lord, at need
     We thee beseech for thy goodness,
        to rescue us with speed.

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