Psalm 6

Words: Thomas Sternhold, as in  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

This is an excellent example of Sternhold at his best. It is one of our favorites of his Psalms.

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Old 6th:, Anglo-Genevan Psalter 1556
Harmony by Edward Millar, c1635.


David having suffered great calamity, as well by by Doeg and Ahithophel, Saul's flatterers, as by other infinite enemies, calleth to God for succor, showing how requisite it is that God should punish the malicious envy of his adversaries. After being assured of prosperous success, he conceiveth comfort, concluding, that when God shall deliver him, others shall also be partakers of the same mercies.

   1  Lord, in thy wrath reprove me not,
         though I deserve thine ire;
      Nor yet correct me in thy rage,
         O Lord, I thee desire:
   2  For I am weak, therefore, O Lord,
         of mercy me forbear;
      And heal me, Lord, for why? thou know'st 
         my bones do quake for fear.
   3  My soul is troubled very sore,
         and vexed exceedingly;
      But, Lord, how long wilt thou delay
         to cure my misery?
   4  Lord, turn thee to thy wonted grace,
         some pity on me take;
      O save me, not for my deserts,
         but for thy mercies' sake.
   5  For why? no man among the dead
         rememb'reth thee one whit;
      Or who shall worship thee, O Lord
         in the infernal pit?
   6  So grievous is my plaint and moan,
         that I wax wond'rous faint;
      All the night long I wash my bed
         with tears of my complaint.
   7  My sight is dim, and waxeth old
         with anguish of my heart,
      For fear of those that be my foes,
         and would my soul subvert.
   8  But now away from me, all ye
         that work iniquity;
      For why? the Lord hath heard the voice
         of my complaint and cry.
   9  He heard not only the request
         and prayer of my heart,
      But it receivèd at mine hand,
         and took it in good part.
  10  And now my foes that vex-ed me
         the Lord will soon defame,
      And suddenly confound them all
         with great rebuke and shame.

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