Psalm 62

Words: William Kethe, from  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

Music: Unable to initialize a MIDI player for your browser French 103rd or possibly Anglo-Genevan 1561


This Psalm partly containeth meditations, whereby David encourageth himself to trust in GOD, against the assaults of temptations: and because our minds are easily drawn from GOD, by allurements of the world, he sharply reproveth this vanity, to the intent he might cleave safe to the LORD.

   1  Although my soul hath sharply been assaulted,
      Yet towards GOD in silence have I walkèd:
         In whom alone all health and hope I see.
   2  He is mine health and my salvation sure,
      My strong defense, which shall for ever endure,
         Therefore afraid I need not much to be.
   3  How long will ye of mischief thus be musing?
      thereby not mine, but your own deaths procuring:
         For ye shall be like to a rotten wall.
   4  Yet lo how they consult for to displace him,
      And by their lies from dignity to chase him.
         With mouth they bless, their hearts replete with gall.
   5  But thou, my soul, in silence wait God's leisure,
   6  Who is mine hope, my strength, and only treasure.
         Therefore my foes I need no thing to fear.
   7  In God the Lord my saving health is certain,
      My glory doth to him also appertain:
         He is my rock, I trust he will me hear.
   8  Trust in this LORD, ye people fore oppressed:
      Show him your grief, he will it see redressed:
         For he alone our hope must be and stay.
   9  But yet, alas, men's sons are mere vanity,
      Such liars are as pretend most gravity:
         Yea, vanity in weight them down will wey.
  10  Put then no trust in wicked oppression:
      And be not vain, nor yet want discretion:
      If riches grow set not your hearts thereon.
  11     GOD once or twice spake thus within mine hearing,
      That power to him alone was appertaining,
      And that all should depend well thereupon.
  12  But thou, O LORD, to thine thy mercy showeth
      And as men be, so thou their works rewardeth.

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