Psalm 85

Words: William Kethe, 1560, as in  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

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The 1635 Psalter set this Psalm to the tune for the Psalm 6 from the Anglo-Genevan Psalter of (probably) 1551. Harmony by Edward Millar, c1635.
 1  O LORD thou lov-ed hast thy land,
    And brought forth Jacob with thine hand,
       Who was in thraldom strait.
 2  Thy peoples sins so great and huge,
    Thou covered hast, and didst not judge
       Thy mercies were so great.

 3  Thine anger then, and wrath so hot
    Thou didst remit, and hast forgot;
       Such was thy tender love.
 4  O turn us then, God of our strength,
    Release thine ire, and now at length
       Let our distress thee move.

 5  Wilt thou be angry, LORD, for ay?
    Wilt thou prolong thy wrath, I say,
       And that from age to age?
 6  Wilt thou not turn us up to raise
    That we thy people may thee praise,
       And that with great courage.

 7  Thy mercy, LORD to show vouchsafe;
    That thy salvation we may have:
       But hearken now I will.
 8  And hear what GOD himself doth say,
    Who peace before his Saints doth lay,
       Lest they should turn to ill.

 9  Now certainly his health is near,
    To such as do indeed him fear,
       And blesseth still our land.
10  Lo truth and mercy both do meet,
    His righteousness and peace do greet,
       And both join hand in hand.

11  For truth shall from the earth bud out,
    From heaven righteousness no doubt,
       Yea, GOD shall give good store,
12  So that our land shall give increase,
13  And righteousness towards him preach
       Who shall still march before.

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