Psalm 91

Words: William Kethe, c 1561, as in  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

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Anglo-Genevan Psalm 91, c1561
Harmony from Scottish Psalter of 1635

Please let us know how you like this instrumentation. We think it does better justice to this tune than the piano or organ we've been using.

   1  Who so with full intent and mind
      In God most high himself doth stay:
      His mighty power that man shall find
      A sure defense to be alway.
   2  And now say to the Lord will I,
      O thou mine hope and fort most sure:
      He is my God thus will I cry,
      My trust in him shall still endure.

   3  He surely will thee freely set
      Far from the crafty hunter's snare,
      So that thou needst not fear his net,
      Nor yet for plagues no white to care:  (?)
   4  Under his wings he will thee hide,
      And there thee keep full well shall he
      Thee so defend on either side,
      His truth shall still thy buckler be.

   5  Thou shall not need to be dismayed
      for any fear to come by night,
      Nor of the arrow be afraid,
      Which forth is shot when it is light,
   6  Nor yet the pestilence to fear
      Which in the dark doth much annoy:
      Nor of the plague at noon day clear,
      Which doth full oft great heaps destroy.

   7  A thousand at thy side shall fall,
      And at thy right hand thousands ten:
      But unto thee none hurt at all
      Shall once so much as touch thee then
   8  Thine eyes shall certainly behold,
      What recompense the wicked have;
   9  For that the Lord as thy strong hold
      Thou hast him made thy soul to save.

  10  There shall none ill thee apprehend,
      Nor yet thy tabernacle touch;
  11  For he his Angels forth doth send,
      And gives them charge to keep all such.
  12  So warly shall they thee defend,
      That harm thou shalt be sure of none,
      Nor yet so much as once offend,
      Or dash thy foot against a stone.

  13  Thou shalt upon the lions tread,
      The dragon and the Asp also,
      These shall of thee be still in dread,
      Thou shalt upon them walk and go.
      For so the Lord himself hath sworn.
  14  Because, saith God, he knew my Name
      I surely will exalt his horn,
      And such confound as seek his shame.

  15  On me he shall call in his need,
      And I will hear him out of doubt:
      His troubles end will I with speed:
      And will him glorify throughout.
  16  Of years he shall have his desire,
      That he the same full well may spend
      My living health and love entire
      To do him good shall have none end.

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