Psalm 95

Words: John Hopkins, c 1561, as in  The Scottish Psalter of 1635

Music: Unable to initialize a MIDI player for your browser  Psalm 95, English Psalter, 1562
Harmony from Scottish Psalter 1635
   1  O Come let us lift up our voice,
         and sing unto the Lord;
      In him our rock of health rejoice
         let us with one accord:
   2  Yea, let us come before his face
         to give him thanks and praise 
      In singing psalms unto his grace
         let us be glad always.

   3  For why? the Lord he is no doubt
         a great and mighty God!
      A King above all gods throughout,
         in all, the world abroad.
   4  The secrets of the earth so deep,
         and corners of the land,
      The tops of hills that are most steep,
         he hath them in his hand:

   5  The sea and waters all are his,
         for he the same hath wrought:
      The earth and all that therein is
         his band hath made of naught.
   6  Come, let us bow and praise the Lord,
         before him let us fall,
      And kneel to him with one accord,
         for he hath made us all.

   7  For why? he is the Lord our God,
        for us he doth provide;
      We are his flock, he doth us feed,
         his sheep, and he our guide.
   8  To-day if ye his voice will hear,
         then harden not your heart,
      As ye with grudging many a year
         provoked me in desert;

   9  Whereas your fathers tempted me,
         my power for to prove;
      My wondrous works when they did see,
         yet still they would me move.
  10  Twice twenty years they did me grieve,
         and I to them did say,
      They err in heart, and not believe,
         they have not known my way.

  11  Wherefore I sware, when that my wrath 
         was kindled in my breast
      That they should never tread the path 
         to enter in my rest.

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