Against Scoffing and Calling Names

Words: Isaac Watts, "Divine and Moral Songs for Children"


   1  Our tongues were made to bless the Lord,
         And not speak ill of men:
      When others give a railing word,
         We must not rail again.

   2  Cross words and angry names require
         To be chastised at school;
      And he's in danger of hell-fire
         That calls his brother fool.

   3  But lips that dare be so profane
         To mock, and jeer, and scoff
      At holy things, or holy men,
         The Lord shall cut them off.

   4  When children, in their wanton play,
         Served old Elisha so,
      And bade the prophet go his way,
         "Go up, thou bald head, go!"

   5  God quickly stopped their wicked breath;
         And sent two raging bears,
      That tore them limb from limb to death,
         With blood, and groans, and tears.

   6  Great God! How terrible art thou
         To sinners e'er so young:
      Grant me thy grace, and teach me how
         To tame and rule my tongue.

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