Psalm 105 (Abridged)

Words: Isaac Watts

Common Metre Tunes

God's conduct of Israel, and the plagues of Egypt.
   1  Give thanks to God, invoke his name,
         And tell the world his grace;
      Sound through the earth his deeds of fame,
         That all may seek his face.
   2  His cov'nant, which he kept in mind
         For numerous ages past,
      To numerous ages yet behind
         In equal force shall last.
   3  He sware to Abraham and his seed,
         And made the blessing sure;
      Gentiles the ancient promise read,
         And find his truth endure.
   4  "Thy seed shall make all nations blessed,"
         (Said the Almighty voice,)
      "And Canaan s land shall be their rest,
         The type of heav'nly joys."
   5  How large the grant! how rich the grace,
         To give them Canaan's land,
      When they were strangers in the place,
         A little feeble band!
   6  Like pilgrims through the countries round
         Securely they removed;
      And haughty kings that on them frowned
         Severely he reproved.
   7  "Touch mine anointed, and my arm
         Shall soon revenge the wrong:
      The man that does my prophets harm,
         Shall know their God is strong."
   8  Then let the world forbear its rage,
         Nor put the church in fear;
      Isr'el must live through ev'ry age,
         And be th' Almighty's care.
   9  When Pharaoh dared to vex the saints,
         And thus provoked their God,
      Moses was sent at their complaints,
         Armed with his dreadful rod.
  10  He called for darkness; darkness came
         Like an o'erwhelming flood;
      He turned each lake and ev'ry stream
         To lakes and streams of blood.
  11  He gave the sign, and noisome flies
         Through the whole country spread;
      And frogs in croaking armies rise
        About the monarch's bed.
  12  Through fields, and towns, and palaces,
         The tenfold vengeance flew;
      Locusts in swarms devoured their trees,
         And hail their cattle slew.
  13  Then by an angel's midnight stroke
         The flower of Egypt died;
      The strength of ev'ry house was broke,
         Their glory and their pride.
  14  Now let the world forbear its rage,
         Nor put tile church in fear;
      Isr'el must live through ev'ry age,
         And be th' Almighty's care.
  15  Thus were the tribes from bondage brought,
         And left the hated ground;
      Each some Egyptian spoils had got,
         And not one feeble found.
  16  The Lord himself chose out their way,
         And marked their journeys right;
      Gave them a leading cloud by day,
         A fiery guide by night.
  17  They thirst, and waters from the rock
         In rich abundance flow;
      And following still the course they took,
         Ran all the desert through.
  18  O wondrous stream! O blessed type
         Of ever-flowing grace!
      So Christ, our Rock, maintains our life
         Through all this wilderness.
  19  Thus guarded by th' Almighty hand,
         The chosen tribes possessed
      Canaan, the rich, the promised land,
         And there enjoyed their rest.
  20  Then let the world forbear its rage,
         The church renounce her fear;
      Isr'el must live through ev'ry age,
         And be th' Almighty's care.

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