Psalm 124

Words: Isaac Watts

Note: Watts' subtitle for this Psalm is probably a reference
to Guy Fawkes Day.

Common Metre Tunes.

A song for the fifth of November.
   1  Had not the Lord, may Isr'el say,
      Had not the Lord maintained our side,
      When men, to make our lives a prey,
      Rose like the swelling of the tide;
   2  The swelling tide had stopped our breath,
      So fiercely did the waters roll,
      We had been swallowed deep in death;
      Proud waters had o'erwhelmed our soul.
   3  We leap for joy, we shout and sing,
      Who just escaped the fatal stroke;
      So flies the bird with cheerful wing,
      When once the fowler's snare is broke
   4  For ever blessèd be the Lord,
      Who broke the fowler's cursed snare,
      Who saved us from the murd'ring sword,
      And made our lives and souls his care.
   5  Our help is in Jehovah's name,
      Who formed the earth and built the skies:
      He that upholds that wondrous frame
      Guards his own church with watchful eyes.

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