Psalm 127

Words: Isaac Watts
  (Note: there are two versions on this page.


   1  If God support not, all the cost
         And pains to build the house are lost;
      If God the city will not keep
         The watchful guards as well may sleep.

   2  What if you rise before the sun,
         And work and toil when day is done;
      Careful and sparing eat your bread,
         To shun what poverty your dread;

   3  'Tis all in vain, till God hath blessed;
         He can make rich, yet give us rest:
      Children and friends are blessings too,
         If God our Sov'reign make them so.

   4  Happy the man to whom he sends
         Obedient children, faithful friends:
      How sweet our daily comforts prove
         When they are seasoned with His love!


   1  If God to build the house deny,
         The builders work in vain;
      And towns, without his wakeful eye,
         A useless watch maintain.

   2  Before the morning beams arise,
         Your painful work renew;
      And till the stars ascend the skies,
         Your tiresome toil persue;

   3  Short be your sleep, and coarse your fare;
         In vain, till God has blessed;
      But if his smiles attend your care,
         You shall have food and rest.

   4  Nor children, relatives, nor friends,
         Shall real blessings prove;
      Nor all the earthly joys he sends,
         If sent without his love.

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