Psalm 30

Words: Isaac Watts

Long Metre Tunes

Part 1:
Sickness healed, and sorrow removed.
   1  I Will extol thee, Lord, on high,
      At thy command diseases fly:
      Who but a God can speak and save
      From the dark borders of the grave?
   2  Sing to the Lord, ye saints of his,
      And tell how large his goodness is;
      Let all your powers rejoice and bless
      While you record his holiness.
   3  His anger but a moment stays;
      His love is life and length of days;
      Though grief and tears the night employ,
      The morning star restores the joy.
Part 2: v.6
Health, sickness, and recovery.
   1  Firm was my health, my day was bright,
      And I presumed ’twould ne’er be night;
      Fondly I said within my heart,
      “Pleasure and peace shall ne’er depart.”
   2  But I forgot thine arm was strong
      Which made my mountain stand so long:
      Soon as thy face began to hide,
      My health was gone, my comforts died.
   3  I cried aloud to thee, my God,
      “What canst thou profit by my blood?
      Deep in the dust can I declare
      Thy truth, or sing thy goodness there?
   4  “Hear me, O God of grace,” I said,
      “And bring me from among the dead:”
      Thy word rebuked the pains I felt,
      Thy pard’ning love removed my guilt.
   5  My groans, and tears, and forms of woe
      Are turned to joy and praises now;
      I throw my sackcloth on the ground,
      And ease and gladness gird me round
   6  My tongue, the glory of my frame,
      Shall ne’er be silent of thy name;
      Thy praise shall sound through earth and heav’n
      For sickness healed and sins forgiv’n.

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